Rights to Safety

March 30, 2011

Guest blogger Ingrid Reyes-Arias reminds us that workplace safety is everyone’s concern.

As an employee, I rarely think about safety issues within my office.  Ever walk near a spill and seen a Caution sign? I have, plenty of times, but I’ve never thought about why it was there in the first place.  While working as a server for a restaurant, I took many falls due to wet floors and my non-stick shoes not working so well.  There were signs throughout the premises, but I never paid attention to them until a co-worker fell and broke his arm.  After this incident, I began to realize that there are many actions that employers and employees can take to prevent falls and other incidents.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a part of U.S. Department of Labor, has several publications and items that focus on different aspects of work, such as safety and employee rights, which help lead to greater awareness.  As part of its commitment to workers, OSHA provides safety training in the language you prefer: many of these documents are provided in three different languages: English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.  They are great tools to help communicate safety issues to all of us.  OSHA provides the public with Fact Sheets on different safety topics, including Asbestos, Avian Flu, Fire Safety, Flood Cleanup, Mold, and many more. If you find something applicable to your work place, take the opportunity to promote safety!

Safety information is also available as magnets to place around the office or home, as well as posters and pocket guides.  These materials can be used in a safety session or as fun facts to distribute to other employees.  Keep in mind that this information is made available to everyone. Ever have a question on safety? Don’t hesitate to visit OSHA here.  Learn from my experience and keep safe!

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