A Well Deserved Salute to the Air Force Reserve

April 12, 2019

Founded April 14, 1948, and operating in various locations around the world, the Air Force Reserve has evolved from a “stand by” force for emergencies into a Major Command (MAJCOM) of the Active Duty Air Force. More than a fighting force, it serves other specialized capabilities not found in the regular active duty Air Force, such as two unique missions for which it serves as the sole USAF capability:

  • Aerial Spray Missions
  • Hurricane and Weather Reconnaissance
  • Aerial Firefighting, conducted in tandem with the Air National Guard

Citizen Airman, Official Magazine of the Air Force Reserve

Pegasus has Landedopens this edition of Citizen Airman with a story featuring the “new era in aerial refueling and mobility.” Then getting personal with a cool story about a hot rock band about an instructor pilot who when off duty rocks his guitar with his all-Airman band, “Call for Fire.” There’s always something unique and interesting among the eclectic collection of Citizen Airman articles from becoming a F-35 pilot to how a former Air Force Academy footballer is today a Brigadier General. For anyone interested in learning more about the Air Force Reserve or considering becoming a member, the bi-monthly Citizen Airman magazine offers complete and up-to-date information of interest to and about the Air Force Reservist.

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A Magnificent Showcase: History, Heritage, and Art: The United States Air Force and the Air Force Art Program

If you’re looking for a “celebration that depicts how the connection between Airmen and artists began” who documented Air Force history, then this great coffee table top resource is for you. This illustrated, large-format book presents the U.S. Air Force Art Program’s depiction of the Air Force across the service’s history, starting with the birth of U.S. military aviation under the auspices of the Army.  It interweaves the story of the Art Program, including features on artists and their thoughts on significant works, with the history of the birth and growth of the Air Force itself.

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