A Celebration of Moms

May 5, 2016

celebrationofmomsWhether it be a celebration of yourself as a mom, or your own mother or your sisters, friends as moms… these caring, multi-tasking individuals are blessed to be in our lives and deserve special extra pleasant treatments on their Mother’s Day holiday, May 8, 2016.

Mothers care for the young, the old, and the in-between…they guide us, they cook for us, they make sure that we have clothes on our backs and shelter. Some mothers may be away from home, while performing triple duty– to serve the security needs of the U.S.A. through their military or community policing careers; parenting roles/caring for their elderly parent(s); and even heading back to school to further their education.

In celebration of the roles of our Moms, here are some Federal Government resources to honor these special women in our lives as a way to show appreciation for their continuous caregiving of our family needs and to assist them in their regular activities.

Immunization Toolkit: Adult, Military and Childhood Immunizations 2014 –Now discounted and available at a special, lower price that can be found here.

ImmunizationToolkit_Page_001The information in this Immunization Tool Kit (ITK) is based on national guidelines, peer-reviewed published medical literature, and clinical guidelines.    It is a reference that should always be used with:

  • Manufacturers’ package inserts (approved by the Food and Drug Administration),
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Vaccine Information Statements (VIS),
  • Proper screening for individual patient health risk factors and medical problems,
  • Healthcare providers’ orders, and
  • DoD directives (Note: Where DoD guidance varies from CDC/FDA guidance, DoD guidance takes precedence).

DMP Emergent Reader about a complete MyPlate mealShare the discovery and learning about eating healthy foods with your young children by downloading these free nutritional guides, complete with exciting interactive games and activities—Discover MyPlate Emergent Readers Series.  Titles included in this series from the United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service:  —Free interactive eBook downloads available from Apple iBookstore and US Government Online Bookstore –Use the ISBNs to search these platforms!

Discover MyPlate: A MyPlate Meal –ePub ISBN: 978016093136

Discover MyPlate: Dairy –ePub ISBN: 9780160931376

Discover MyPlate: Fruits –ePub ISBN: 9780160931383

Discover MyPlate: Grains –ePub ISBN: 9780160931390

Discover MyPlate: Protein –ePub ISBN: 9780160931406

Discover MyPlate: Vegetables –ePub ISBN: 978016093143

017-001-00572-0Deliciously Healthy Family Meals (Cookbook Print ISBN: 9780160912689) –recently discounted and available at a special lower price that can be found here.

Delightful kid-friendly healthy cookbook designed to help busy parents who want to make healthy meal preparation a family affair, Keep the Beat™ Recipes: Deliciously Healthy Family Meals features delicious, heart-healthy, kid-friendly recipes and also provides tips for involving children in meal preparation. The appendix is loaded with information on meal planning, cooking, and nutrition for families and children to help combat obesity and diabetes.

Another great healthy cookbook in the Keep the Beat ™ series, this cookbook showcases new dishes that were created especially for the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) by a Culinary Institute of America-trained chef/ instructor and father of two. All the recipes were taste-tested with parents and school-aged children, and feature easy-to-follow instructions in numbered steps and detailed health information, such as calories, fat, cholesterol, total fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and more.

9780160875892The Healthy Woman: A Complete Guide for All Ages (ePub ISBN: 9780160875892 )

Comprehensive health guide for women written in simple language and illustrated with many photographs, designed to appeal to a large audience of all cultural backgrounds, from teens to senior adults. This guidebook also contains full-color charts and diagrams to help readers understand their bodies and offers information not found in other women’s health resources, such as how to teach women to read a Prescription Drug Label, explore insurance options, and tips along with graphic representations for healthy eating and managing portion sizes, and more. Includes a glossary, extensive bibliography, additional resources, and a cross-referenced index

Apple iBookstore availability here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/healthy-woman-complete-guide/id594775035?ls=1&mt=11

Google Play availability here: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=9780160875892&c=books&hl=en

9780160930133Understanding Memory Loss

This easy-to-read booklet will help readers learn about the difference between mild forgetfulness and more serious memory problems such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia; causes of memory problems and how they can be treated; and how to get help for serious memory loss. Includes vignettes, a resource list, and glossary.   Free eBook download!  —

ePub format eBook ISBN: 978016093013Available from: Apple iBookstore, Barnes and Noble Nook Bookstore, Google Play eBookstore, Overdrive, and US Government Online Bookstore

PDF format eBook ISBN: 9780160930140 – Available from the EBSCOhost database libraries, Academic Pub database, Rittenhouse R2 Digital Library, and US Government Online Bookstore

funding-your-education_Page_01Funding Your Education: Federal Guide to Student AidFree eBook download!

This guide provides a description of Federal Student Aid programs and the application process.  Readers will find information on federal student aid as a source for funding postsecondary education, and know where to go for more detailed information.

Funding Your Education: The Guide to Federal Student Aid speaks to high school students, college students, adults, and parents interested in finding out about financial aid from the federal government to help pay for education expenses at an eligible college, technical school, vocational school, or graduate school.

ePub format eBook ISBN: 9780160926235 –Available from Apple iBookstore, Google Play eBookstore, Barnes and Noble Nook Bookstore, Overdrive, and US Government Online Bookstore

MOBI format eBook ISBN: 9780160926242  –only available for Free download from US Government Online Bookstore

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