Native American Day

September 23 is Native American Day. In recognition of the important contributions Native Americans have made to our country, the US Government Bookstore is featuring the Smithsonian Institution multi-volume hardcover reference Handbook of North American Indians series.

The Handbook of North American Indians print series is a fascinating fourteen-volume collection. It is the ultimate resource for Native American history across various regions of North America. The set summarizes what’s known about the prehistory, history, and cultures of North America’s aboriginal peoples north of central Mexico’s urban civilizations.

Volumes in this set feature specific tribes located in geographic areas across the U.S., including The Plains, Great Basin, Arctic, Northwest Coast, Southwest, California, North, and South East. It also describes Indians in Contemporary Society, Indian-white relations, languages, and more.

Learn about the important contributions of Native Americans in this popular hardcover reference series about North American Indians from the Smithsonian Institution.

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