There are Tough Rules – and Really Tough Rules

Guest blogger Maureen Whelan reminisces about some REALLY rigorous regulations.

The agencies of the U.S. Government issue nearly 8,000 regulations each year, but whenever I hear people talking about tough Government regulations, I think to myself that they don’t know what “tough” really is. When I was in high school, I attended an all-girls parochial school. We had a list of rules and regulations that every student needed to follow to avoid detention. They ranged from clothing restrictions to discipline, conduct, and behavior matters. There were several degrees of punishment for violators, from the two hours after school type to the dreaded, all-day Saturday detention with the School Sisters of Notre Dame. One of my friends once received a Saturday detention on the weekend prior to graduation for speeding around the school campus during our senior motorcade. Even today, I’m sure that she would rather have violated Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations   (Transportation, Subpart B 365.201 through 365.205, Motor Carriers of Property or Passengers, process on how to Oppose Requests for Authority)  than  oppose the rulings of our Vice Principal!

Seriously, though, the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is definitely the most comprehensive official source for all kinds of proposed and final Government regulations. It’s a great research tool, and there are some really good informational tools at the Office of the Federal Register Web site to help you understand how to use it. I think it’s also an unlikely but important symbol of our democracy, because any concerned citizen can access the rule-making process via the CFR, and that’s what open government is about.

You can browse the CFR here or acquire either single volumes or a subscription here. You can also locate the CFR at a Federal depository library. Best of all, none of these sources will give you detention!





10 Responses to There are Tough Rules – and Really Tough Rules

  1. jenni.kemble says:

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  2. Ian Carlos Navarro says:

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  3. firstamz78 says:

    Dear ‘GOVbookTALK’,

    I really want to thank you for this explicit answer and I granted you that you’re information is so clear that I only can Thank You again.

    As we talked about rules, You probably saw that Europe decided this week to start speaking about too 🙂

    Is it only a part of BI to smell the orientations as WE do ? or is there only a visible part of The Global Economical Strategy and the Social part of ‘I.T.’ ? 🙂

    Convergences are near to be …

    Other similar Timeline Informations :
    FRANCE started speaking of establishing a Unique BIOMETRIC Database …

    I saw last month the Proposition of Delivery of BIOMETRIC Solution from US-Gov to Other Governments around the World, by accelerating the access of those to Software, Hardware and Comptences Transmission, globalizing the use of Human Specificities ID Processes to deliver For Example Security response to nowadays fears.

    All those purposes can be linked to OUR Global Interest for further Public Applications !

    Would I.T. be as quick to deliver to enterprises such kind of Options to manage there Forces and Commercials, or to deliver Insitutions abilities to fulfill aims over Public Services Delivery as can be Administrative Acts printing form HOME, Asking for Social Interactivity to decrease tranports costs for Social Assisted Persons, to enhance Job-searches or Financial Transactions form HOME ?

    To prepare such Solutions, we need to understand the HIGH Level Informations like those YOU post, to ‘imagine’ such scenarii and to ‘Draw’ Our Solutions, our Thoughts …

    We have to search around the Wolrd for Hardware Reellers, IT Specialists to combine the Hard to the Soft Part of the Solutions, addind special equipments like RFID components to add access protection level to administrators, for example, redefining The Schemas of our Solutions, Products, Services …

    “We always follow First Choice Recommandations from Central Global Admistration and R&D Searches Units form Space to Green IT experiences to complete the Vision of the Next Generation ways of Working better Together”

    THANK You ‘GOVbookTALK’ !


  4. Aknen Hoito says:

    Ive been following this and all i can say is that fortunately we don’t have such issues here in Finland..


  5. govbooktalk says:

    There is no French translation available.You can find the text in English at:

    Click to access CRPT-109hrpt174-pt1.pdf

    or buy a copy at:

    I hope this helps and thanks for being a reader!


  6. firstamz78 says:

    TY for those informations.

    Because You seem to be Well-introduced in The World Of Documentation, I’d like to ask you some question, please.

    Do You have a link to send us to access an Autorized copy of the Patriot Act and it’s translations if existing in French to start integer knowledges regarding to it for IT purposes.

    In fact, The Withe House had congratulated Microsoft who I’m from the French independant partners working over Cloud Evolutions and Services. As You Know, The “Patriot ACT” have a Global impact on our Businesses.

    The information diffused via Twitter was that “Microsoft will allow US government to access Datas hosted “In the Cloud”.

    We need to understand the purposes with precision to “demystify” the puposes to our Customers audience and to give them Original Informations, not jokes.

    Preparing myself to ALL Customers Interrogations, You understand that this can “Break the qualifications” for High-Tech Enterprises concerned by TOP-Value Protection Hostings to understand that “IT is NOT an INTRUSION” in the “Social, R & d, Financials” By US Government on the Global Accesses all around the World.

    On my opinion, Only Legal Informations can give our Potential Customers the feeling of “Being Protected” instead of Being “srcutated and Observed” …

    So, Reading, Understanding the Partiot Act, Understanding the Projection would be for me to have an appropriate “Réponse” to Future posts writers on the web …

    TY for your writings and for there delivery.

    Cordially, a weekly reader from


    Hi 🙂


  7. Sorensen Builders says:

    The rules you speak of in this post were accepted by the authors’ parents by enrolling her in this school.
    It is an entirely different situation with the US rules which are imposed by fiat upon any human born within its borders or territories.
    Someday, when citizens’ are allowed to voluntarily choose to become citizens of a nation, I will look with fondness and amazement at the quaint caveman-like days when the strong subjugated the weak and claimed God’s sanction for doing so.


  8. Eduardo Jorge Wessel says:

    Dear Genglemen, as you well know I am Argentine, graduated as a BS, ME at GMI, Flint, MI. I became Chief Engineer at General Motors Argentina until it closed its doors during 1979. I worked for a bus manufacturing company and our product was one of the “Altoona Approved”. I use the CFR many times, including Chapter 21.110 for GMP when Certifying a company that produced concentrated grape juice for the USA. To be most honest with you, the CFR is the only book, writen by lawyers that an engineer can undestand…
    Happy 4th. of July


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