Benefits for Veterans

One of the great things about Government publications is that they’re the real deal: official, authoritative information on Federal programs – nothing fancy, just clearly presented facts, figures, and contact information. For instance, every year for I don’t know how many years (could anyone out there hazard a guess?), the Department of Veterans Affairs or its predecessor, the Veterans Administration, has issued a booklet  about the various services and programs available for veterans of the armed forces and their families.

Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors 2010 covers pensions, insurance, home loans, survivor benefits, military medals and records, and a lot more. In Chapter 4, Education and Training, you’ll find the latest information on the post-9/11 GI Bill. For wounded warriors, Chapter 10, Transition Assistance, talks about a re-launched Web site, the National Resource Directory (, that “provides access to thousands of services and resources at the national, state and local levels to support recovery, rehabilitation and community reintegration.”

In short, this publication has the power to give millions of people the information they need to get the benefits they deserve. You can view it here in either English or Spanish, buy your own copy in English or Spanish, or locate it in a library.

4 Responses to Benefits for Veterans

  1. Tarik Johns says:

    Veterans benefits and where to find them is so important to veterans i thank you for providing this information not only in English but in Spanish as well so to help my fellow Spanish brothers.


  2. Jalica says:

    The more time spent, and the professional cognitist that are out there lend their ears to here from us, we couuld live just knowing that we are not insane for standing, and that dignity is what we will receive because we are human still, and we just want our country, to practise what it preaches, within states who have little military, to take a closer look, and support us through the “reaching out” to find someone there that will help what we do matter, and with actions that foster acceptance! Due to lack of education, mental health is just now becoming a focus, and now, the children who have become of age have tasted the affects what was hidden in the cracks of this USA! Reach out in every sector, from businesses to the homes, and to the community through the Governor, and the Mayor to give full attention to human needs! This is how you could channelthrough education, community rections, acceptance by providing conferances and more…This is more about giving back what was denide, and shouldering the responsiblity to the veteran who took his life, and those who survived and still dying on the inside. Anger is the frustration, that nevve got recognized, and no one took the time for being a “liability” destroys the means to live!


  3. Math says:

    Just a few ideas covering the issue, laid down as I could.

    The main problem in this issue is that veterans tend to gain the sense of a Justice that cannot give way to forgiveness as they were given no choice at the time when they had to sacrifice part of themselves to cope with the events they were to face personally, even if it was in the name of the Nation and for a reason they had chosen in the first place.

    Human being is, may be fascinated by the cadaver he/she is/was/will be – yes it is definitely possible to a living person in good condition to approach the apoptosis so closely that he/she realizes the impact on his/her body and mind, of the deliquescence.

    The idea to cure them would be imo :

    1) these have learned to gain a good capacity to instantly figure out the true stakes of a critical situation : why not instruct them to learn to pacify the cities where they are – citizenship frameworks are what they tend to be naturally anyway as ptsd are among the most difficult pathologies to cure if not taken immediately under a medical survey as we can see with children etc. – teaching them elements of law, pathology, medicine, science, offering them the opportunity to be who they were : survivors that is, people who reacted with excellent reflexes in order to protect what they had and kept, a life.

    2) As it is shown by many studies about IQ, EQ and such measurement tools, the fact to teach a person who have allegedly average results, the simple investment in education is able to turn that person into excellent situation with relatively minimal efforts – for instance, popular universities delivering valid diplomas would help the veterans to regain confidence, sense of sociality, and the VA act could run onto this axe : give back to them what they have been looking for in military careers so that it can be turned a benefice for the civil life : good teachers, good parents, good neighbours, natural security frames within the city, good social workers, excellent therapists, good artists, good thinkers, political militants, etc.

    3) Over time and wars are getting more professionally oriented events, the ptsd situations would regress and more of the people involved in these factual occurrences would see their existence valued and would not feel the resurgence of the episodes of stress as much often as it has been in the past.

    More generally speaking, it would be an idea to introduce a part of sanity teaching in the normal curse of the children : what is health, danger, disease, cure, etc., these questions are essential to the living good of an entire existence, and are not really told about at school.

    This educational content never was present, to my knowledge, in any educational system, and that would help much to reduce the further use of the health systems. That way, the ptsd and the brain damage occasioned by war facts could become the model of what youngsters are told about in schools such as the society become a healthier environment for all.


  4. Wayne says:

    Sir, English or spanish. What gives? All Americans that are Veterans speak, read and write in English. Stop wasting money on spanish publications. Enough is enough already.


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