Money Smart Week 2019 March 30th – April 6th

April 5, 2019

Money Smart Week, a national initiative between the American Library Association and the Federal Reserve Bank (Chicago) is in its seventh year. The purpose of this week is to provide financial literacy programming to help members of the community better manage their personal finances.

The Federal Government provides many opportunities to support families and individuals with valuable financial information and resources–to give all Americans the financial tools to improve their financial conditions and to seek a better tomorrow.

Your Money, Your Goals: Focus on People With Disabilities (Braille)

Reach out to your visually impaired associates and friends who have the same concerns as you for their financial futures. Your Money, Your Goals is a financial empowerment braille printed toolkit, not a curriculum, consisting of a set of modules that organizations may integrate into their daily work with the people they serve. These modules function independently of one another, can be used in any combination or order, and are appropriate for a wide variety of client populations, as well as for staff or volunteers who may benefit from financial empowerment in their own lives.

The toolkit provides helpful manipulatives, such as:

  • Money questionnaire to start the conversation about goals planning
  • Blank worksheets to help people with disabilities make decisions about their financial goals and needs
  • Bill calendar
  • Monthly Budget Worksheets, Supplementary Security Income (SSI) estimator, and more.

Financial empowerment is about giving individuals information and tools that help them understand the risks and benefits of financial products, services, and actions so they can control their own financial situations and make their own choices.

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Resources collection for people that are physically challenged:

What You Should Know About Your Retirement Plan

This booklet covers private investment retirement plans governed by state laws and guidelines in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). Your employer’s retirement savings plan is an essential part of your future financial security. This booklet helps you understand your plan and explains what information you should review periodically and where to go for help with questions. It includes information on the following:

  • Different types of retirement plans
  • What information you can get about your plan
  • When and how you can receive retirement benefits
  • What to do if you have a question or find a mistake
  • The responsibilities of those who manage the plan and investments
  • Your responsibilities to understand and monitor your plan
  • Specific circumstances such as how a divorce or change of employer ownership may affect your retirement benefit

Fundamentals of Federal Student Aid Administration 2017–18

This comprehensive weekly workshop kit is provided as a participant guide and is organized in the order of how financial aid is generally processed at most schools. The workshop materials consist of a large three-ring binder with loose-leaf pages about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to provide a course for high school students, parents/caregivers, undergraduate students and graduate students who will follow a fictional student named Max Student, applying to the fictional college named Central Commercial College. The course provides specific details as Max applies for financial aid and the application requirements, including repayment obligations, as a way to pay for postsecondary education.  This essential book about FAFSA, PLUS loans, and Pell grants provides a Federal student aid handbook for the financial aid process.

Financial empowerment is about giving. Find more financial resources in our Business and Finance Collection. Go online today. Get prepared for a brighter financial future now.

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