TARDEC: America’s Tank Center’s Evolving Story

The U.S. Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) was established in 1946. During the early years, engineering emphasis was on new technologies to improve military ground vehicles. The result was the highly successful U.S. Army M1 Abrams tank. The global competition from America’s adversaries was fierce in the latest ground warfare technologies, particularly from Russia, which has been a leader in the advancement of the tank as a ground force, making the mission of TARDEC a priority.

This reprint of TARDEC Story: Sixty-five Years of Innovation, 1946-2010 is a comprehensive history of the many innovations in tanks and other military ground vehicles and equipment developed by the engineers at TARDEC. It is full of illuminating illustrations and photographs to that depict the advanced building techniques as well as the formidable machines that roll out of the assembly lines. Those within the military, military history buffs, and military enthusiasts will enjoy this graphical history. For the technically minded and/or military savvy, here’s a publication both historical and appealing in its insights and graphic depiction of new ground warfare technology in action.

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