Down to Earth Publications for Earth Science Week

How does our Earth inspire you? That’s the question being asked this Earth Science Week 2018, which has a theme of “Earth as Inspiration.” According to, Earth Science Week was started in 1998 “to help the public gain a better understanding and appreciation for the Earth sciences and to encourage the stewardship of the Earth.” And what better way to gain an understanding of Earth than through reading and hands-on educational activities?

Know a youngster who has a knack for science? NSI: Nature Science Investigator from the U.S. Forest Service is a self-guided activity book for children ages 8–14 that enables students to become the scientist. They’ll have the opportunity to try their hands in all sorts of roles, from an ecologist to a soil scientist to an atmospheric scientist to a biological scientist and more! With this booklet, students are introduced to outdoor, hands-on activities like looking for litter, finding the tallest tree, rubbing a sample of soil and inspecting insects. No matter where they like to explore – in the schoolyard, at home, in the park, or at the playground – young nature science investigators can spend their day as a real scientist with this booklet.

It’s no secret that it’s pretty darn hot on the sun, but how much do we really know about the climate of space or the sun? For those interested in the events and processes that connect the Sun to the Earth, The Sun, the Earth, and Near-Earth Space: A Guide to the Sun-Earth System from NASA is an obvious choice. This colorful book provides concise explanations and descriptions of what is now known about the Sun-Earth System and offers a particular emphasis on space weather and sun-climate.

Also from NASA comes Our Changing Atmosphere: Discoveries From EOS Aura. This booklet details discoveries from the Earth Observing System satellite Aura, which was launched in 2004. According to NASA, “Aura’s measurements will enable us to investigate questions about ozone trends, air quality changes and their linkage to climate change.” Aura is part of the Earth Science Projects Division of NASA, a program dedicated to monitoring the complex interactions that affect the globe using NASA satellites and data systems.

The GLOBE Earth System Poster Learning Activities book is designed to help scientists, teachers, students, and others understand variations in environmental parameters by examining connections among different phenomena measured on local, regional and global scales. It demonstrates the relationships between and among environmental data. Readers will learn about how the environment is the result of the interplay among many processes that take place on varying time and spatial scales. This book also explains that environmental processes are not bound by oceans, mountains, or country delineations, but are truly global in scope. Also available from the GPO Bookstore to go along with this publication is Satellite Images to Accompany the GLOBE Earth System Poster Learning Activities Guide.

We hope we’ve inspired you to immerse yourself in all that these Earth publications have to offer! There really is no place like Earth (well, that we know of at least!), so it’s vital that we take the time to learn about our planet and be thankful for all it has to offer. What are you waiting for? Head over to the GPO Bookstore and get down to Earth!

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