Don’t Let Lead Take Over Your Home

October 6, 2010

Today’s guest post is by Ingrid Reyes-Arias of GPO’s Library Services and Content Management area.

Time and time again, public health educators have stressed the serious implications of lead- contaminated homes.  To educate the public about this problem, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has developed a publication to inform and educate you about the detrimental health risks due to the environmental threat of lead. 

Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home provides important information on different forms of home protection to protect your family from lead.  For example, EPA suggests testing children for lead levels even though they may seem healthy, performing repeated and ongoing lead checks, and more.  In addition, the publication highlights many important facts.  Did you know that lead can go into your body just through breathing or swallowing lead dust? 

Not only does this publication provide facts, it also explains the effects of lead and its implications on your health, such as damage to kidneys and the nervous system, learning disabilities in children, and speech and language impediments.  After detailing the health implications and history of lead, EPA lists the steps to protect your home.  First, how do you check for lead?  There are many ways.  You can do a paint inspection, followed by a risk assessment, or hire a trained and certified testing professional.  All of these approaches will aid in protecting your family from lead. 

Lead inspection in your home is very important. Don’t let a seemingly small detail affect your home and family. These simple steps can change your life, so take a look at the important facts. Read Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home here or get copies at the GPO online bookstore.

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