March Madness

College basketball playoffs are wildly popular and followed by millions of fans, including some in our office. Last year, we came up with the idea of doing a “Sweet 16” playoff of Government publications on GPO’s online bookstore. After working with our web support team, which is both creative and very patient, we launched our first playoff last year. We sent out a message to all of our customers who have requested information about our products and sat back to see if anything would happen. It did! By the time our “tournament” was over, we received more than 139,000 votes and a mention in the New York Times business blog.

I think this proves that Government publications have fans, and highly motivated fans at that. The winner? You can find it here.

Now it’s March again, and this year it’s a National Parks Playoff, featuring eight National Park Service handbooks and eight posters by the noted artist Charley Harper (who will be the subject of a future posting here). If you get a chance, stop by and vote!

15 Responses to March Madness

  1. Lisa Las Vegas says:

    Does anybody even subscribe to RSS anymore?


  2. Mike says:

    The start of NCAA Tournaments is my favorite time of the year. It’s great when a government publication gets involved in the manner that you did


  3. Luton airport says:

    I personally like basketball very much.
    I am sure this is going to be wonderfull and joyful event.
    Thanks for sharing


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  11. […] A post about March Madness where you’ll read a bit about last year’s “Sweet […]


  12. Matt says:

    Definitely 2nd the request for an RSS feed.


  13. CindytheLibrarian says:

    Could you add an RSS feed to your blog? It would be most helpful.


  14. govbooktalk says:

    We definitely will look into an RSS feed.


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