Notable Documents: The Sun-Earth Relationship

When I was a kid, I had a serious interest in astronomy. I owned one of those pocket guides to the solar system and read and reread the entries on the Sun and the planets. While it was fun to think about the latter, especially the possibilities of extraterrestrial life (I was also reading Galaxy, If, and other sci-fi magazines), the Sun was mainly the object of a slightly nervous awe. In the age of the Cold War and the hydrogen bomb, the power of the Sun was almost too overwhelming to contemplate. A lot of it was the sheer size and heat – and what sentient creature doesn’t fear a colossal fire?

The Sun, the Earth, and Near-Earth Space, one of Library Journal’s 2009 Notable Government Documents, provides, among other things, hypothetical voyage to, and even into, the Sun. Subtitled “A Guide to the Sun-Earth System”, this handsome, profusely illustrated book  from NASA is accessible and well-written enough for a layperson like me to understand; it’s the facts that are overwhelming. I hate to admit it, but despite my youthful interests, I didn’t remember, or didn’t know, that sunspots are huge magnetic fields generated by the Sun’s incredibly turbulent nuclear furnace, their darkness representing their cooler (7,000 C. versus the 10,000 C. of the solar surface) temperatures. I knew that the peak of the 11-year sunspot cycle was prone to cause magnetic disturbances that affected radio electro-magnetic fields on earth, but didn’t realize that the spots themselves were magnetic fields. I also didn’t know that the widespread 1989 electrical blackouts that affected Quebec and parts of the United States were due to the solar flare, coronal mass ejection (CME) and geomagnetic storm of March 13 of that year.

The Sun, the Earth, and Near-Earth Space is packed with historical and scientific information about the Sun and its relationship with our planet – which means with all of us – that I found totally engrossing. The verdict: an excellent read for a non-scientist interested in astronomical phenomena, a fine textbook for a college-level course, and a reminder of how much we depend on this much-worshipped but little-understood source of all energy and life.

To read portions of The Sun, the Earth, and Near-Earth Space, go here. You can get a copy (a scan doesn’t do this book justice) in paperback or hardback. To find it in a library, try this.

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  1. gillkomal32 says:

    Thanks for sharing us this very informative and well written blog post. I love every bit of it especially the points that you expressed. And I would love to come back in a regular basis so post more of the subject!!!


  2. 2250hiberius says:

    My faith!
    Unlike many of my fellow man, I think only on what we know for certain and that is well documented!
    We know that energy can not occur!
    We know that energy can not disappear!
    We know that energy exists!
    We know that 0 heat can not exist,
    which means that 0 energy does not exist!
    Then I think it is logical that energy has always existed!


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  7. Renee Tarich says:

    This is a really good stuff.. I’ll be linking to this on my blog. Thanks !


  8. Plugy says:

    WOW !! good post


  9. RInd BIboe Chaa says:

    I really like this book The Sun-Earth Relationship it really make sence…


  10. Habib Qaiser says:

    I truly appreciate this post.Much thanks again. Will read on…


  11. Kevin says:

    Wow…the post was good, but these comments..aliens and Jesus…anyways, great article.


  12. Harald Brobakken says:

    I do not know if there is a discovery or not, but it is a fact that I have managed to compose a substance, which I think is being charged by what I call the cosmic energy!
    The substance is a liquid and placed in an approximately 15 cm. long tube, which is sealed at both ends with an anode and cathode!
    The instrument’s red electrode is connected to the + pole of the battery and the instrument’s black electrode is connected to the cathode, while the anode is connected to the battery – terminal, and when there is power in the words of this drug.
    But then comes the strange!
    I removed the anode from – terminal of the battery, so that contact between the pole and – pole was broken, but still continued to flow through the instrument?
    Now I have two gauges where the red electrode is connected to the terminal on the battery, while the black electrode on the instrument can be connected to anywhere in this liquid substance that has no connection with the battery?
    Although the instrument is only connected to the pole and on to the substance there that is the power of the instrument, and it’s something I can not explain without assuming cosmic energy, but no one believes it, so therefore someone must take a look at it to see if there is anything to go on!
    In other words:
    It is possible to create a battery that is continuously recharged from the room, and it will say that it is never empty?
    A bit of thinking, perhaps, but the evidence is with me, so just got to be convinced!
    The secret lies in the composition of the electrolysis, and if anyone on this planet is interested in a solution toof world ‘s energy ,they can make an offer to get right to the production of batteries that power is everlasting !


  13. starman says:

    Hawking is doomed. The universe will survive with or without our understanding it.


  14. Harald Brobakken says:

    Actually I had not planned to write something more, but when such an important scientist Stephen Hawking said exactly the same as I have previously suggested as a possible salvation for mankind is to colonize other planets and moons in our solar system!
    This is not possible without a helping hand from the universe, and therefore it is almost time to sacrifice some time to investigate whether we really have something to gain from the cosmos, for in the opposite case, and according to Hawking, we are all doomed!


  15. Harald Brobakken says:

    I’m beginning to understand that it is very difficult to try to come up with something new in terms of both science and religion!
    I have only tried to find a natural explanation for some things that science thinking, and I have tried to get rid of some of the superstition that some are so rooted among people!
    So this is my last post, and I just want to thank me and thank those taken in, and pray at the same time that everything I have written will be deleted and forgotten!


  16. Harald Brobakken says:

    If we imagine that we were attacked that an armada of alien beings, I am sure that all mankind will stand together to defend themselves against the intruder!
    You will not care whether you are Muslim, Jew or Christian, for then had to stand together against a common enemy!
    Today we can say in a way that we are in the situation that we all have a common enemy to fight, but it does not come from space, but from ourselves and called global warming, or changing the climate!
    This is something that concerns us all, and all thoughts and ideas that can help us out of this predicament should be well received, and not to be either ridiculously-made, or described as nonsense, until it has been further investigated!
    I think there are too many to extolling themselves as omniscient and kill everything that does not fit into their view of life and nature!
    So my advice to everyone is to try to think there may be something that might be the best for us all!
    The more people who think, the better the chance for survival!


  17. starman says:

    The Bible is the gateway to understanding the master plan of life. The framework needed to supplement what your brain already tells you is true. Keep going Harald. I am enjoying your writing.


  18. Harald Brobakken says:

    All that we may see and hear is something called the matter!
    Everyone knows that matter is energy, which is a
    power that we use and benefit of every single day!
    We the humans are also matter, it will also say that we are energy, and most expect that we are energy as we fed us energy in the form of food and drink.
    This we must do to maintain life, and turn us down with that so it is, and that to eat to drink is the most natural thing in our lives. But even when life is gone, so are we to normal death matter, and when we do not need any extra energy, but believe me, we will not, for the energy that was me, just changes form, and it was me, might be to heat, and something to ground or ash, but the energy that was me, ie it will still be in the universe, but no longer be complex so I can host life, and therefore I have asked myself about the life that I had for a while, if it also remains in the
    These are things that are not as many think, but they are afraid of the day life leaves us, for we can not imagine that we are something other than what we are, but the truth is that we are as what we see around us!
    There is no difference for me and a rock.
    We are a part of something larger and require no additional energy, because when life is gone, so it consumes no energy, but we will still be just as much energy as when we lived, and when the scholars tell us that we can not be energy
    without a different type of energy must transform
    themselves to what was me, then you have to re wondering what kind of energy it was that was to me, and where it came from?
    But there is no one can answer!
    We are only asked to accept, that we will be as we are the years we live, and not worry so much about what we are, when we return to the usual dead materien.
    Other people recommend us to learn to read in the Bible, for which it is explained exactly as we receive it even when life is gone!
    It is clear that the scholars who lived 2, 000 years ago was straighter forward for that, than those today who had attended school for over 20 years.
    But what was the bible made us even frighten, as we reach out to other scholars to be calm again, but they simply said that we should enjoy life as long as we had it, and not worry so much about death.
    All this led to that I began to «get into the lettuce» to the learned, and had written down what I thought could give an explanation of what so many did not understand, but it proved to be difficult to get into the clever territory, and I
    soon understood that I was not welcome, but a friend of mine tell me, as you know that society is so oriented, that the internal system is such that it is almost impossible to change it. When people are satisfied with life as it is, so there is no reason to change anything, even if the change could be for the benefit of all!
    This applies to both science and religion.
    My friend warned me to suggest something that could get people to come with obtrusive questions, which could be difficult to answer, and the worst they could come up with was to suggest something that could have economic
    Science has accepted and approved the scientific laws that apply now, and reject anything that does not fit into their well-documented views on everything that happens in nature!
    History tells us that there must be several generations before anyone can do to change it that is today’s view of the current social structure!
    If someone comes with new ideas that are credible and useful for us, they are slaughtered, and if any bother to comment on it, you get to hear that there are serious and distant reality and simply root!
    It will not help if one refers to the recognized laws that are accepted and agreed to, and claim to have evidence on the basis of them, you will see is no alternative, and religion must take the blame for it, the people are so secure in his
    faith, that ridicules the stamps and all criticism as Satan’s work, if at all will come to in the media!
    Such is the situation today!
    Unresolved issues that no one can find some explanation for, archived and conduct, and if someone tries to look at it, so it will be stopped, and hung out as intrusive philes!


  19. Harald Brobakken says:

    If only a small hint of truth in the universe is an energy field, which scientists call the clean energy, it is unlikely that we ever manage to define the type of energy in question, for it is probably not a single word in our language that can describe what clean energy is!
    But it is not necessary to use the time or money to speculate on this, but just be glad that the matter has the right qualities to take care of, and transform it in such a way that this unknown force can be very useful for us!
    When this time becomes a reality, so we get enough energy to conquer the entire solar system, and this time we will not be met with resistance, and can with good conscience settle us where we want!
    I know that many look forward to an alluring celestial paradise, but I would rather be in an earthly paradise and have a physical body, and always have something to do!


  20. starman says:

    This is perhaps one of your posts that I can understand more readily. Hawking, huh? Well, I can tell you that he does not possess all of the answers, as some of the evidence right in front of his nose he ridicules, as he does those who hold with that evidence as pointing to something greater than physics has admitted openly to existing. The energy/matter density of the cosmos is thinning a bit as one can tell from the cosmic background radiation temperature, but this does not mean that the cooling is uniform or even universal over wide areas, only a statistical average.

    Einstein, Hawking and others have had the problem of not believing what the evidence, intutition, or even their own equations were telling them, and as so nature befuddled their thinking and their work. As Einstein said however, “I think I have earned the right to my mistakes.”

    Everything in nature is closed circuit. There are no open-loops left as far we know, but everything flows continuously around back to beginning of the process, though it may not be recognizable and exist in a transformed state, the information contained within it still exists. I believe Hawking made some contribution there. As far as the universe, whatever that is supposed to be, rotating, in reference to what? Lol.

    You said of the universe, “It is therefore reason to suppose that the universe is really an object with a universal internal structure that can only be changed by an impact of an external force!”

    An object without the form of an object, likened unto what we conceive as normal matter, but rather the stuff of which is primordial and is no stuff at all. Without form and void as the Book of Genesis put it.

    Later came, Later came Gallilei, Newton, Einstein, and Brobakken!

    You are swirling all around the answer to gravity starvation of the universe, such as when the energy density that you hint at with light coming in neutralizing the effect of light coming out, however what is the fate of the universe depends on the balance of forces that are necessary for the stability of the proton. The pressure caused by the energy density of localized space that keeps the quantum the quantum, and the proton relative in volume to the external environment, may reach a critical threshold at some point in the finite future of the cosmos, at least in our present version of it.

    When that cooling takes place then the internal pressure of radiation will no longer balance the initial forces that turned inside out created matter and gravity, and therefore the components of the material universe may supernova causing us to not exist in material form, but spirit only, if things ever got that far before an outside entity intervened.

    The universe is like the Internet, that grows bigger and bigger, but sooner or later this will cause an instability like a house of cards that at some point no matter (matter, lol) how carefully constructed and balanced in forces will crash down upon itself. Especially if designed that way!


  21. Harald Brobakken says:

    My view of the Universe!
    The universe has always fascinated me, and now I’ll try to tell how I imagine the vast and mysterious universe that we belong!
    The following are two possible explanations for how the universe was and how I think it looks today!
    A little later we see that there may exist a plausible natural explanation that the removal galaxies moving away from each other, the farther they are from Earth. Let’s begin with what came up astronomies and their thoughts about the cosmos!
    So let us begin with that Einstein was more interesting, namely the great universe!
    At the beginning of last century, there has been an on-going struggle between Einstein and Lemaître to the Universe!
    Einstein thought it was static, while Lemaître said it was expanding!
    Who was right?
    As we have seen before in the context of my theory that the universe once more himself, and is both static and growing, as these two great scientists were right!
    However, it is not correct to say that when left to itself, probably because it has always been a closed circuit. Because I think it is a better and more credible explanation that after that date again when its own resources which will always return to your starting point!
    Because when the Big Bang started, then it has increased in all directions, and thus formed circles ever more important:
    In all phases, so there were a static object!
    It also grows because there are reasons to believe that it also turns?
    It moves both outward, with a certain speed, and rotated around the center with a specific speed!
    To imagine that the universe is infinite is irrelevant, regardless of their size, there is a stable object with borders and an internal system!
    It seems that circumstances must be absolutely certain that something be done again. Therefore, the time of the formation of matter because the universe at the time, had bouth size, speed and temperature!
    Later came the heavier elements, and therefore also your life. But the expansion of the universe is not stopped, and now we can imagine what would come later. Some will cease to exist, and something new will emerge!
    An event may be that the universe will be in a collision with another universe (if they exist), then the energy, which may be the beginning of a new universe?
    It does not matter for us, because right now the universe is fit and have a reasonable speed, and therefore we exist!
    In the beginning was the time after the Big Bang-divided in a «different era»!
    He was placed on the names of articles, etc. Lepton, hadron era, etc,and all had some time!
    But when the universe was a small point, but expand with extreme high speed, and therefore not so surprising that the particles collide.
    And the energy of them change shape, is that some have called anti-matter, must be at
    the collision rate was so high when they have destroyed each other. As we can see today, being the polar aurora. The particles from the sun collided with particles in the atmosphere and become light!
    Ordinary matter and anti-matter is the opposite sign, and there are also particles from the sun and atmospheric particles.
    But here is the opposite speed particles that are the sign.
    There is less anti-matter now, is due to a problem more widespread, and therefore less likely to crash?
    At this moment we can be a time we can call life «life-time» or do we rather call it «matter-time»?
    And that most mean there is life may also be present elsewhere in the universe!
    But once this «era» will end?
    And what’s next?
    The duration of this «era is shorter, the closer-Big Bang they existed, and we do not know how long our «era» will be. Next «era» may last forever?
    That is now observed objects at a distance of 13 billion light years, which means that the object is as it was 600 million years after the Big Bang, is sensational, but it does not preclude the Big Bang has even taken place. But age should perhaps reconsider bee in change?
    But the Big Bang, so must be the center of the universe and as we shall see, the more likely this rotation?
    That the objects appear to move away from each other, need not be proof that it is running, but without rotation would galaxy (us) to move in one direction and speed would be roughly uniform!
    And the increasing distance between objects, follow a geometric pattern, which would be easy to calculate.
    Now we see that the galaxy does not comply with these natural laws, and the amplifier to a universe that rotates, or the influence of an unknown power?
    The rotation is similar to an LP with a constant speed.
    This speed is constant, but the pin back adds stretch, increases with distance from the center!
    The speed increases proportionally with Pins distance from the center. Transferred to the universe, they will object that is farthest from the center of the universe back to a long stretch, at the same time as the objects closer to the
    Rotation may therefore provide an explanation of why the speed at which a galaxy remove themselves from the other, increases the farther they are seen from Earth?
    Something that is red-offset!
    This may mean that we see throughout the universe, and that we find ourselves somewhere between the center of the universe and the universe extreme outer point!
    If we had set in towards the center, will we see from our point of view, it would seem a galaxy away from each other, and with us, with less speed and destiny!
    While offsets blue!
    Therefore, I believe that the earth was already created eight billion years before the gamma-flash, and we look outward in space, which means that the universe is older than 13,7 billion years!
    It does not exclude the existence of «dark energy» (EF) because it must be that the engine that makes the universe to expand?
    It probably affects internal affair stable system, which emits this energy, which is directed opposite direction as the EF, and gravitation?
    Exactly the same thing happens with a slight impact on the issue. The light reflected by an object, is directed against the light entering!
    It is therefore reason to suppose that the universe is really an object with a universal internal structure that can only be changed by an impact of an external force!
    It is possible that I have fantasies of being perceived as tough and frivolous, but I really tried to get answers to my questions of trained scientists in this country but I am absolutely surprised that no one really knows,
    (At least not sure) my impression is that one is not surprised by what keeps the heat inside the earth which produces about 5. 000 GWh, which seems to be constantly replaced by an unknown source?
    The researchers stress the existing theory, and we reject all attempts to change it. His radioactivity that causes the heat in the earth!
    It does not help that it’s coming from inside do not emit radiation?
    Nobody can imagine that there may be something else, the researchers have to say!
    There are countless examples of science grudges drop on a theory, the absence of evidence of a different theory is correct!
    Ptolemy I was a great scholar, and his thesis (Alma Gest) about the universe have been in 1400 years!
    But in 1543, Copernicus came up with a new theory which has revolutionized the vision of the world. Since his theory has been improved and expanded, and now there is no doubt that he hade the right!
    Later came Gallilei, Newton and Einstein.

    Einstein’s theory thought time was in the lead, but in the past, things happen that seem to create doubt that his theory is not completely perfect. Physicist Stephen Hawking is the last, trying to understand the mystery of the universe, and developed his theory, which is now accepted by all scientists. So where are we today. And we oppose all attempts to change the current theory. It is one many scientists believe that the so-called black holes came first!
    Matter was about 300. 000 years after the Big Bang, and when the universe was not as great as it is today, so that when the energy was more concentrated than it is now!
    And then, a galaxy was the only gas and dust particles which agglomerate together and were perhaps a black hole!

    And if it is correct, then added another point that supports my theory that matter is affected by a force (EF) as does not need to be stable, and it emits while gravity?
    And if I’m right in that it has been extremely strong gravity, when the universe was very small, and then there is reason to believe that there was a black hole like he was dominating!
    If it is correct, then the universe would have been
    invisible to us. Dust and gas that were outside the event horizon, escaped the black hole, and continued its journey across the universe, and galaxies, as a p.ex Milky Way!
    It may well be that the black hole is still with us, but may be invisible to us, and it is only a galaxy beyond the space that is visible, and follow certain laws, like the above theory suggests. For me it is very important because the gravity is pushed forward, so it must be because the universe of energy affects matter and creates the gravity!
    As the universe becomes larger, the energy is more widespread, and the subject have been less and less energy, and gravity had little connection, and then be reduced?
    If the universe is finite or infinite is irrelevant because it can theoretically be infinite, but I think that sooner or later will be so great that it comes into contact with another universe and then fuse together and become even larger universe, and, in theory continue forever!
    So, our universe might be two universes, or perhaps even more, but it’s something that we can not answer!
    A whole lot of questions about the universe is infinite or final?
    One thing is for sure!
    The universe is final, but we do not know how big it is, and we do not know what size it will be because, since there is no place outside the boundaries of the universe, So It There is no limit to stop the universe, so it can theoretically be infinite, but sooner or later it will dissolve and disappear if it does not collide with another universe, and becomes even larger, but it will never be a limit to stop, no matter how many universes that have merged together!
    Finally, we will be so large that it can no longer be called a universe!


  22. Harald Brobakken says:

    The science is fairly certain that an unknown force affecting distant galaxies and it is not unreasonable and believe that this power also affects our galaxy, and then also on the solar system and planets?
    An example would be that we know with certaintly that the moon moves away from the earth by 3.8 cm. a year!
    Here I think we have a unique opportunity to measure this force, but scientists do not believe what I say and then you will get no more! Likewise, we know that the outer Earth’s atmosphere is quite hot, and it is due to the sun’s rays, or a force from the outside!
    But scientists pondering that same phenomenon also appears in the outer solar atmosphere, but they will not admit that there is a power that comes from outside, or the same power that makes distant galaxies to repel each other?
    In the past, they found that gravity was repulsive to start me, and then it is logical that when there was no matter, it was not something that reflected this power!
    If we assume that there were now planets around the sun then it’s clear that the radiation had only one direction!
    And I do not think that there is radioactivity in the soil that allows the heat that does not go off, for the strongest radioactivity we can achieve here on earth is fission, and it is not as strong as a merger, which probably can be achieved, but then one must use fission as a spark rate of a fusion bomb!
    If it is true that we are affected by a universal force, it can even be healing explained as a natural thing, without having to see it as something supernatural, which comes from a God who can break the laws of nature!
    Stephen Hawking believed that the black holes came first, and it fits well with how I look at the universe!
    It is possible that gravity was stronger when the universe was smaller, the researchers look at the singularity as pure energy, and I think it is logical that the power of the universe had to be more concentrated to begin with, but diminishes in strength as it gets larger, and that it is just so great right now, so that life could arise. I think that at first there was the matter only dust and gas that clumped together and became a black hole in the center of the universe, but some escaped and became stars and planetary. And I also believe that the universe as a whole resembles a galaxy, all galaxies appear to have a black hole in the center, and when one can say that galaxies are universes in miniature!
    We have seen that this power there is talk of pushing the galaxies apart, yet we know that the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy are closer to each other, and it seems paradoxical that the same repulsive force acting on the galaxies also leads two galaxies closer to each other, and it can only mean that the stars and planets in a galaxy also remove themselves from each other and it means that the galaxies expands like the universe, and it may well be that the same thing happened with a galaxy of the universe, and that is that somehing escaped the black hole and were stars in a galaxy!
    Just the idea that the universe may be like a galaxy, then leads to the idea that the universe is a galaxy in an even larger universe, so facinert that it will be impossible for us to comprehend, but we know that everything is a part of something larger and it could also apply to the universe!
    We have so far been in that what we see of a man is only the light reflected, and it is only what we can observe, and if we could take a body from each other so that all that the body consists of being spread out, so will every bit of the body reflect the light, and every man would turn out to consist of billions of different frequencies, and these special rates is part of the overall frequencies of light, and they exist and have always existed and will never cease to exist !
    That way we can say that the frequencies of items. Jesus reflected still exists, and if we imagine all light frequencies compiled in a database, we were able to scroll in this database, theoretically find a picture of this man!
    This sounds completely crazy, but it’s in the way we can save pictures of anything, and view pictures of long dead people, because we know exactly where to find the right frequencies!


  23. Harald Brobakken says:

    Therefore, there is no doubt that the matter should get power from somewhere and it can not be anything other than the universe!
    On the news I have to apologize that I even «walk», but when I see these messages on TV about earthquakes and other natural disasters, so I must be allowed to be disappointed by science, which I consider that taking easy with such disasters, and will not even try to think a little longer than what they read!
    But I am concerned about the power that exists in the universe today, proportional decreases with the expansion of the universe, and it must mean that the force was higher before, when the universe was more small, because it is more concentrated!
    I know that scientists have come to the conclusion that gravity was repulsive to start, and it fits well with the theory that gravity is reflected energy!
    I vainly highlighted the enormous forces that afflict the planet, and suggested that it is impossible to believe that the radioactive decay to trigger the fighting forces!
    They call it the radioactive decay, and to achieve a so-called demerger, is used primarily for uranium!
    Science explains how radioactive decay (or fission) are able to say that the neutron hits the nucleus, and this means that the nucleus divides and becomes lighter nuclei, but the amount of lighter nuclei are smaller than the original kernel !
    And it is this difference which is the energy released!
    Although the difference in mass after fission size is small, so I know very well that we need to increase with frequency in both light and power, but I doubt that so much energy is released as we have seen in Chile!
    I am not able to understand that the radioactive decay in rocks can release such large amounts of energy that we look after the earthquake in Chile!
    The ingredients of uranium in nature is, as far as I understand, no more than 2 ‰ of the soil mass, and perhaps also a small amount of actual cause of these huge forces in the crust?
    And when we know that ingrúédients natural uranium is uranium 238 which is not so readily available to make the separation, but for them you need to enrich uranium 235 by degradation, but the uranium 235 is only 0.72% of excistens of natural uranium from the earth, but I also know that by enriching uranium 238, if you get no more than one procent uranium 235, and it is a matter dear!
    In nature, it is less than 1% (to 2 ‰), which allow a fission, or break down!
    2 grams of uranium 238, thus, only two thousandths down disintegrates or breaks?
    But as science enough to trigger these immence powers of the earth?
    Do you know?
    I noticed that it is possible to get the uranium 238
    to effect the separation, but strangely that it must then have an «obstacle» to achieve this, e in this case is «heavy water», which is blocked!
    Thus, the neutron hits the nucleus, and I can not understand other than the speed of neutrons, is the way to get rid of neutrons, or reflect the power of touch!
    Science speaks quite vague when they say Just when the neutron hits the oyau, without trying to say, why and what is the cause of the collision with the nucleus?
    Neutrons is the kernel part, and I think it makes sense that the neutron is subjected to a force (the same effect as proton energy received) as the neutron has with, making a down-quark into a top-quark and a top-quark is lighter than a down-quark, if the neutron rid of this power that affect it, and it should be this difference is the energy that is released!
    But science argues that parties of neutrons in the atomic nucleus into smaller nuclei, but I can not understand that a nuclear core can not be less than what it is?
    In addition, I believe that nothing is done randomly, but follow the natural laws of the letter!
    It should be allowed to be surprised that such radioactive decay does not occur elsewhere in the solar system, because it’s the same basic materials around the world!
    Therefore, I think what geologists and others say, and they are so sure, is not very credible, and therefore I keep thinking of a universal!
    And when you know you have a thousand kilograms of mass to extract 2 grams of uranium in its natural state is completely harmless so it must broaden that this element is to be effective!
    We always know that energy can not disappear but only change form, but must be allowed to ask what it takes, and what is the reason for the change in energy form?
    Energy Act of words to say that it changes shape, but only half the truth, because it gives no explanation as to why it changes shape?
    When one is convinced that when one type of energy goes to another type of energy, so it is according to the natural result of unwritten laws, and not a random event!
    We know that the bond strength between atoms is very strong, and there must be a significant force to break the nuclear cycle!
    And when the matter is whether this is exactly what is the secret of energy transfer!
    Thus the capacity of the material so I concluded that all energy transfer is due to maintain their atomic system, and therefore has the added energy, and the type of energy with which he has, is dependent on the elements she composed, and how it is put together!
    But instead of saying that matter most to get rid of superfluous energy, we can use more understandable to say that the material reflects the energy!
    It is a familiar concept, and it’s something that we can see all the time, with the elements, sounds and lights!
    But if all the energy we know it is just something that reflects the material, which means a different type of energy affects matter, and that is something that is useful for us because we have no energy at our disposal, so that we can use it to influence the matter, it also reflects a kind of energy that can do the work for us!
    And that is precisely what we do when we get electricity!
    Electricity is also reflected in the energy!
    But for now, we have used that energy to get the material to reflect the power, because we do not, or if you know another way to do it!
    This material was created after approx 300,000 years was not any random event, but was the result of the universe, then was so high that good conditions were present, and this means that the energy of the universe, a force that had led to the formation with the laws of nature!
    And so it is in the universe, when an event has occurred, as was also the conditions of existing law, and when it happens, because the laws of nature dictate that this should happen!
    But if all the energy is reflected energy, the matter should also be the energy that is translated!
    This all seems completely crazy, because no energy to be able to reflect the particles?
    But none of our senses to observe particles!
    They reflect the energy in matter, not particles, but as a type of energy that our brains are built to understand!
    Therefore, it is our return, or thinking, only the energy that the particle reflects, and this energy must come from a different energy reflected!
    I’m sure nobody will believe it, but I’m sure it reflected the energy of particles is the same as dark matter?
    If you’re not too attached to what is in textbooks, making it easier to understand that the Line current itself also reflected the energy and power is the only important way restored their internal system, and therefore it must be a force for that matter to reflect the power, we perceive as electrons, moving, where as in reality, the energy reflected by another energy source, and there is a power that reflected, because the matter is complex, so that power is the dominant, reflected power, and it turns out that the material will remain unchanged and stable, Following a global impact!
    The general opinion, or the established paradigm is that of a center responsible positiement has a surplus of electrons, and the negative pole has a deficit of electrons, and so raises a tension between two points, if they are in a vacuum, the electrons flow from the anode and the cathode over to cover the deficit from there!
    But I think q’une powerful influence that the anode of the reason has been given to its internal system changed, and aims to restore the system, and it makes just as lightning or a short circuit, so that electron-date!
    As far as I know there must be a force of nature that did this and it’s not surprising that there may be a bit of science, nor believe in the influence of the universe?
    Claims of Science with great certainty that the power that exists in the matter was then transferred material has been created, which is 13.5 billion years!
    It must have been an ongoing process that lasts a long time!
    The smaller nuclei constituents, quarks, has been fairly soon after the Big Bang when the universe was very young, but at the same time, also think that what holds together quarks, gluons, was also there with quarks and it is probably quite safe quarks and gluons takes its power boson, and it is only the first atom is created!
    At that time there was therefore a force in the universe that has changed shape and was the subject?
    The power of the material is still as strong today, and I can not understand that something else that should keep it maintained?
    This process is 300 000 years, then suffered the blow in the battle of all matter were created!
    As described above, is the nature of matter, entirely determined by the current state of the universe and the organic matter is a deviation from a normal state, and it has arisen because the universe in that time have as much energy as it has now, but there is every reason to believe that is what we call “dark matter” which makes the ordinary matter is just the way it is but force that exists in the universe, it must affect the matter, he gives one of its natural form, and becomes organic matter!


  24. Harald Brobakken says:

    How should I manage convince the right people that all the energy we know, has its origins in the cosmos, where it is called «dark energy», and first fills the matter with energy, and when it is filled up and filling continues, then flows the above, or shall we rather say that the profit is reflected from the matter, and we can exploit the best for us and then we can stop digging in the earth for oil and coal!
    This is not hocus-pocus more than to fill up a glass of water!
    If we continue to fill in, runs it over and nothing is wasted, which means that in the cosmic context, there is no one who believes that we can try to get the profit to make use of them, so there is time being wasted!
    The science is quite sure what light is, but they’ve never seen it and will never see what is the source of light, for what they call light is a power that the matter is converted into electromagnetic radiation, and which must come from the cosmos !
    Let us state the following facts:
    No one can deny that we will see another human being, we are completely dependent on it reflects the light that falls on it!
    It is not certain that the light reflected is the same as the light that falls on it, but it can be verified by looking at two people who get the same light, while they reflect are different?
    What we reflect all depends on how we are constructed and dressed!
    Therefore, it is not certain that the origin of light is specific frequencies, nor that it is moving, for we know only that which is reflected, and there are frequencies, and therefore we can see it!
    And you know we are moving at a constant speed!
    And therefore I think that even light can be incorporated into the vast and unknown that we call «dark energy»!
    All the light we see is reflected light, and it follows the law of energy that energy can not occur, therefore it is not only light, but all the energy we know that in reality is only reflected energy!
    It is amazing how well Einstein’s theory that gravity is also moving, and it must only mean that gravity is also reflected energy!
    So I’m stuck in that «dark energy» is the source of all energy we know!


  25. Harald Brobakken says:

    Recipe for a better life!
    What comes here is something I have “studied” for years, therefore I am convinced that it really works and why I recommend anyone who has difficulty falling asleep, and all who feel overweight to start with the same try and I guarantee that improvement will come in a few days!
    I claim that the reason you put on in the brain, which for some reason priority wrong!
    This means that the energy in the food we eat is used incorrectly!
    When the body’s primary energy needs are covered, so there will always be something left over, and this surplus of energy should preferably be submitted as heat, and this is where the brain prioritizes wrong and why it is likely that something is preventing the brain to produce this energy, and when it is thus used to produce more cells which means that you put on them!
    My method is to commute the brain onto another track, or a way to remove this obstacle so that it uses the surplus of energy to produce heat, and if the obstacle is gone, so it becomes easier to get rid of heat, and then simply follow these procedures to follow now!
    When one lies, one should always be at your back! (It is very important)
    When one takes a deep breath in filling one lungs with air, but also one should feel that the head is also filled with something that is not air, but memories of it, and when you then breathe out slowly, begin the exercise, for then you should try not to think, and when you feel that all the air has left my head and lungs, should you wait a moment before breathing into the re,(hold your breath) and begin again with the same procedure!
    I can assure that it is the moment you hold your breath and not think that there’s something strange!
    You get a sense of well being that can not be described but must be experienced!
    You will then notice that it will be cooler and that means that the body emits energy as heat instead of producing more cells, and the time of breath holding reduces evidence of and under the evidence of taking over, and they block all supplies of energy to the muscles, and then fall asleep one fast, while the body constantly produces heat!
    If there is someone who goes in to try this, you will first feel rested when he wakes up, (no surplus of energy) and it leads to mood rises, and I think after some time that the pounds will disappear, immune system is strengthened and fear will also disappear, in short, life is much better, as it was with me!
    Of course, no one believes in this, but I promotes everyone to try it, if nothing else than pure curiosity, and I’m sure it does not take long before you’re convinced!
    And it costs absolutely nothing!


  26. Harald Brobakken says:

    If I had the children learned that what is in textbooks is only one truth, there was no need to think differently, but government regulation of business!
    Now, I put on the table the idea that energy is something that takes place with what I was first allowed me to have an opinion, namely that all matter is so strongly linked by their inner strength, it is almost impossible to change their identity!
    We can do almost anything we want with a particular element, but no matter what we do, what will be the same element, whether liquid, gaseous or solid?
    And I think it is not by chance that a drug is just the way it is, but there must be something that makes him just the way it is?
    It’s something that I based on living together and found that all the material time are influenced by a force which is currently unknown to us!
    Now I dare to claim that all the energy that we can leave the matter, because just the fact that the material object to any change in its internal system, and sends away all the power that affect it, and it is this power we need and knows how to exploit!
    But we must say that all matter is affected by a force, which means it will protect against a change in the conversion and unleash the power that affect it, and what types of energy, it gives depends on the type of material it is made of!
    When the sun shines on an object, the radiation is a force that affects the object!
    To protect themselves against change, he will drive this authority, it does so by reflecting light because it has a chance, so that light is the force that dominates, and as everyone knows, it is useful for us!
    But as we know it’s not just the light of this power, but also heat radiation, but the object can not return to power, because it has no place to send it!
    The surroundings are just as hot, so they block the radiation of heat!
    But when the sun goes down and the power of termination, then get the object the ability to send from the heat and radiation, then the lock away!
    For that matter should have this property, it must first be «loaded», which means it is still influenced by an eternal force that continue to load up, and if another force is, so beware identity by return that power, but even there may be a barrier that prevents the material to get rid of all the power, but here as elsewhere, is the least resistance that makes the dominant!
    And that is precisely why it may be a difference between this kind of power that reflects the subject!
    The dominant power is the one we most need for other types of force may be insignificant, it depends on what type of hardware it can!
    When we use the power to work, so we are confident that this material gives us this power, because science has told us that matter is the same as power, and therefore we are making to the field and dig Increasingly, and so far I have not heard one who thinks that the power we use comes from the universe, so actually it does not dig into the ground after the powerful, or
    «Go over the stream of water»
    but the construction machines and tools that can take all the power they need directly from the universe, so we did not win the trip to go heavy to use the power of the material for electric power as we do today!
    Everyone is sure that the electrical power is because we let the lines rotating in a magnetic field, and that electricity is the movement of electrons in the son, and that’s what science says, and as such must be true!
    What we do today is to add material strength, as it has with, and we use the right equipment, we obtain the electric current, which is very useful for us.
    We say that a battery has a negative and a positive pole and there is some tension between them. I think the chemical reaction within a cell, causes the internal state of the battery is changed, and the distance between the two poles is a barrier that acts as a barrier material to restore the internal system, and happens if the distance is small (with a spark), or we connect the terminals with a wire!
    The wire is matter that changes its internal system, and not take damage, it is dismissed with power, and so is the power supply!
    How can we go on indefinitely with finding solutions to many things we do not understand, but if you look at it this way for all becomes so much easier to understand!
    Finally, I would say that I do not think anything in particular that the ruler of chaos in both micro-and macro-como!
    I believe that everything that happens is the result of a mathematical nature that absolutely nobody can manupulere with!
    So I take that as a starting point for further reflections!
    If we consider the matter if it’s something we can take tangible, but we can not perceive that it consists only of movement, and nothing stops!
    And I do not come away from the idea that there must be something that keeps everything moving. And that’s where the idea that FM, which I think is a counterpart to the matter of habit, and that, in addition to thermal energy, the more he can keep everything moving!
    Half of the material is such that we can register with one of our senses, because it reflects a type of radiation, but the other half are not there as radiation, but as a state, as We understand that, among other things, with the smell and the sense of taste, and do all matter particles and on the rates!
    Full Contents may simply not exist without the influence of the FM!
    Who can not exist without the influence of EF?
    Is it not possible to imagine the universe as a large permanent magnet?
    Magnet has two poles, a south pole and a north pole. The Universe May have two centers of power?
    A consisting of a type of energy, (EF) and the other the opposite of energy, (FM)?
    Thus, two types of energy with the opposite sign?
    She began to think about the negative energy, which is capable of dissolving the black hole?
    EF can have such a state!
    FM is the matter and is positive energy?
    Exactly this idea is fascinating, but not impossible means?
    Are we not something that could solve the mystery of the beginning of the universe?
    Is it really possible that there is, for us, invisible world that is a copy of ours?
    It seems incredible, but FM can have such a character. It will mean that every human being has a corresponding identity in the cosmos!
    Thus, a little behind in this story!
    I know that sounds completely insane while, when I ask now that he is invisible ourselves, yes, everything around us is invisible, and we recognize that people, things and objects are all scientists have dreamed of understanding, namely the dark matter?
    It’s just that we register with our senses are so complex that what we previously thought did not understand actually what we perceive?
    And it also means that any substance that exists in nature has a certain rhythm, which is identical with the rhythm that exists in the FM?
    Someone wants to experience something before dying, and I have the highest degree, and that is what will follow here!
    Think about a time you can destroy its power plants, open our waterfalls and distant all power lines and anything spoiling the nature?
    All the energy is almost free, and all means of transport are electrically powered and no nuclear power?
    It is a utopia, but even I am quite certain that the universe is our only help!
    So just read this and make an opinion, ask who you want, and I think very careful!
    He rose for me that I have argued in both books and journal articles, is probably correct, and can have major consequences for people!
    So I see that all we can see are influenced by a force of the universe!
    That I am not someone to believe, but now he’s gone for me it really is.
    And then I must be allowed to request that scientists do not now, not have guessed what gravity is!
    Is it difficult to recognize the power of the universe that affect the subject, and not get any change in the internal market system, emits this energy in the direction opposite to the material received?
    Thus, gravity!
    All that is matter, but there must be some size before gravity is measurable, but the magnetism and electricity do not depend on the size, but the intern-element composition?
    Think only of protons?
    Even as little as they are electrically charged, and only because the composition of quarks each other!
    So why, I believe that the material in certain circumstances, be affected by the EF, so that it can also provide electricity?
    That may be what is happening in the atmosphere when it thunders, and it does not surprise me that EF allowing material also produces magnetism!
    When the vehicle is stopped, provided the energy balance of FM, which means that it is a stable object with a special internal system, but it is also affected by the EF, which enables disapproves of that energy, it exists as a non-measurable gravitational not a measurable magnetic field and also a power that is not measurable?
    The energy it emits is so small it can be considered as potential energy!
    After that I see and that amazes me, confirms my belief that dark matter with ordinary matter to a stable energy that can not be changed without outside help, and that the material is rich in power only because of the dark matter or FM makes “feeder” on the frequencies that we know is a form of energy!
    There is no energy in the case as such, but when it is converted to frequency, it is energy!
    There is also FM is the source of energy to normal matter, and he gets the energy of the EF is also likely to follow the natural law!
    And I’m pretty sure this has something with a force of the universe to do?
    Conclusion: Everything is a matter of habit energy, but this energy is not something that the matter has ever?
    He must have somewhere!
    There must be another form of energy that makes the material energy. And here we are at the base material!
    The substance is given a power that makes it so it is, and he says I am what is called dark matter which have now all probably heard of it!
    He assured that the matter is the same as energy. Normal matter, including us, would not exist without energy supply, and now it is proper to say that the gravity of dark energy, which can be compared with the energy to increase speed the car, which is directed a way?
    And all the matter that is affected by dark energy, the pressure in the opposite direction, just that in the car, and also what we call gravity or the force of gravity.
    But this is not our understanding of gravity, which is the most important desire in this matter, but the knowledge we can gain energy in the universe, which is an advantage for all, and not lower.
    But what I think is understandable that researchers have not thought this could be a solution to the mystery of gravity, because it is a consequence of thermodynamics first major statement I just mentioned!
    And my whole theory is built!
    At least that’s probably obvious to me that all matter is a stable object with an internal system that is a result of an impact of FM. (Dark Matter), which is influenced by EF. (Dark energy), but I have a strong suspicion that researchers do not want to interfere amateur!
    FM to stabilize the material, and make sure it is what it is, and EF is the change of material from the internal system and allows the RU emits energy in the form of a field magnetic, an attractive area field and also an electric field!
    If we have a clear understanding of this, so there are many pieces of the puzzle that is taking place!
    What we can observe an object is solely due to our five senses, which has the unique ability to convert the given object into energy as a form of energy that allows our brain to register the object now, we have seen that both the formation of a magnetic field and electric field can be caused by an external force?
    But now is the serious, we will try to find the origin. Suppose now on the internal system of the Earth, and be open to the idea that energy is supplied continuously from the EF as it is removed need not be permanent item!
    Would not the earth, so get rid of this energy as light, and would have the opposite direction, the energy it receives from the EF, and thus is the opposite of gravity?
    If we imagine that the universe is a field of energy and that energy is what we call dark matter and dark energy, so I think that space has a form of pressure on matter, and then It is the space that is pushing for, requires that curved space, because energy as a pressure performer, is not in space, but space itself!
    The role of dark matter and dark energy plays in the universe, I specified, but I am of the opinion that to call this room is hardly an adequate description of the universe!
    Internal system objects have changed, and the function is broken!
    In the next chapter we will see a little more on this mysterious phenomenon that we call «dark matter» and «dark energy» and which I have abbreviated to FM and EF!

    CHAPTER 4.
    This chapter will be about something that even scientists do not understand something, because there is not even mentioned in the Bible, nor in any of the old textbooks that are still relevant when it comes to the universe we find ourselves in!
    They call it strange phenomenon of «dark» because they still have not found an adequate name!
    Science does not like anyone other than themselves, try to have an opinion about this mysterious and invisible power, which they believe exists in the cosmos!
    But I defy science and takes imagination to help, and have arrived at something which I think is both logical and credible! It is therefore of «dark matter» and «dark energy» which is something I just have looked at, and which I have renamed «rate matter», which is simply abbreviated as «FM»!
    Second, I have christened «energy frequency» and abbreviated as «EF»!
    Throughout my life, I am guided by curiosity huge, and an equally great interest, and it took then I always was seen on a strange character, with too much fantasy!
    But Einstein once said that imagination is blessed by all, and stuck to the imagination tells us the future discoveries and inventions!
    Therefore, I always wondered, why and how and what!
    Therefore, I often researchers and scientists angry at the mine for them, my stupid questions, but have not yet received a satisfactory answer!
    Here’s something that I want it now!
    Perhaps there is a mind that thinks, as also on the same subject?
    But they do not look like someone who came on the idea that we have more than enough energy to move from the universe, so that the time has not come yet!
    But the fact is that science is now certain that an unknown force that affect the distant galaxies, and therefore I believe that this force called «dark energy» (EF)also affects our galaxy, which I used as a starting point in considering universe of meaning for us humans!
    Even if I do not have university degrees, so I could not help but speculate about what it was, and there are many theories that I made about them. One by one ends in the trash, but I was surprised that when a theory has been rejected, which has created new, almost as if someone stood beside me and gave me new exercises and suggestions for a solution to the problem!
    I know this is laughable, but I’m sure my instructor beside me, my true self, then perhaps the last who laughs, and laughs best!
    Even if I know I «get into the salad» I dare to come with a solution that seems plausible to me, but considered with security by experts as ridiculous solution on a serious problem, and ask me to keep mine toughts away!
    I have with it is entirely consistent with the Energy Act, and take the first sentence of most of thermodynamics that energy can not occur, or not disappear, we must draw the following conclusion:
    Everyone agrees that what we call matter is the same as energy, but according to the Energy Act, requires the energy field from another type of energy!
    My understanding is that energy to create useful energy, can not be done without with another energy, which becomes the kind of energy we will!
    But science surprises from time to time, and now it has come to an acknowledgment that there is another type of matter than we can see, and i is around us, but they do not know what it is, but only call it for «dark matter» and we ask if we can help to get on the trace of the strange cosmic matter!
    It’s fun to see the great number of sciences, and the search for dark matter, and once they find a tiny particle, is what they now believe they have finally found the mysterious affair !
    It is as if they lack a little imagination, because already in 1929, Louis de Broglie was awarded the Nobel Prize when he stated that the matter being not only particles, but have also a waveform!
    And all this could be the key to understanding this mysterious stuff!
    Anyway it is possible to imagine that dark matter has the same frequency as its own frequencies to normal matter?
    If that once stood as a possible explanation of this unknown substance, it will lead to strange consequences, as we shall see later!
    So it’s not so much fantasy to imagine that dark matter is simply the familiar form of the usual waveformed matter?
    This means that dark matter is the frequency corresponding to the waveform in the matter of as we know so well?
    It is strange that scientists have no imagination to think that the matter should necessarily be something that is not made of atoms and molecules?
    If the case we would not had that ability they have to act like waves, and we would not had the chance to watch it!
    To our senses are designed so they can only sign waveform matter!
    Therefore, it is not the particle that we see, but the particle when it acts as a frequency!
    So simple that it is possible, if you think a little more than what is in the textbooks!
    It is enough not many who agree that all types of energy we know, comes from a single source of energy?
    Then came the theory of dark energy that is
    recognized by science today!
    I see the dark energy as a huge sun is always in the Zenit everywhere and all matter that exists in the universe!
    And it is easy to understand why it is warmer in outer solar atmosphere and colder in the atmosphere?
    This may be a simple solution to one of many unsolved riddles science do not know, and it is understandable that scientists ignore this and call it as a nonsense!
    Believe it or not, it is as the entire universe, is an energy field that provide the matter to a type of energy as must have to exist!
    That’s why I look at the dark matter in the part of dark energy, and this portion is absorbed by ordinary matter, which makes the ordinary matter is able to act as the frequencies, and therefore it is observable!
    And the consequence is that a portion of that energy called dark energy affects both dark matter and ordinary matter and dark matter is the part of the dark energy that affects and is absorbed by normal matter, and what is absorbed, forms, or «load» normal matter, so it is as we know!
    And that’s exactly why it is possible to call the dark matter of the «frequency-matter» or the abbreviation FM, because only that who does the ordinary matter is just as it should be able to do a work!
    But ordinary matter is still influenced by dark energy, and, since normal matter in a totally already are saturate of energy, it must return the energy it receives, and that is how we can benefit from the power that constantly affect the ordinary matter!
    But if we added more energy beyond what the matter already has, so will this excess energy, and we know how to operate it, converted to the energy that we know and is useful for us!
    It is the purest nonsense, science will tell, but he admits that there is an unknown force acting on distant galaxies, but such an admission revealed that science speaks with two tongues, they recognize when to first there is a force in the universe, but unfortunately so has no influence on our planet?
    Then, they must believe the same as they did in the Middle Ages, namely that the earth is something for themselves in the universe, and not have the same laws as the rest of the universe!
    But back to my assertion that this means that if any matter is to be matter, there must be a force that takes care of him, but sometimes it happens that some of the business is changing, and when it is suddenly open the door for more energy, but fortunately know the matter of how to protect the interior apartments, and has the power to get rid of that extra energy!
    And that means it protects against a change to the reverse and return the power to affect it, and what kind of energy it sends depends on what kind of stuff it is create of!
    When the sun shines on us, the radiation is a force that affects us, bringing us more energy, and the interiors of us will remain unchanged, and therefore send some of that power them away, but few energy is also prevented from entering, it said it absorbed, but once the sun went down that barrier is gone, then returned almost all the power!
    We humans are fortified with intelligence, who understood little of how matter works, so that we can build machines and tools so that we get exactly the power we have to work!
    But we think never that is sufficient power output from the universe, or that the matter has a surplus of power, and that is exactly the power we need!
    The power that we love best is electricity, and to obtain it, we found that we can let the spool rotating in a magnetic field, and believed that the unmistakable is the movement of electrons in the spool, and that is what science says and that should it be true?
    The wire is matter that changes its internal system, and not take damage, and therefore left it with power, and it may be electricity!
    How can we even managed to convince the scientific solution to the many things we do not understand now, but if you look at it this way is that everything becomes so much easier to understand!
    Finally, I would say that I do not think anything in particular that there is chaos in both micro-and macro-como!
    I believe that everything that happens is the result of a mathematical law that nobody can manupulere with!
    At first, I suggested that there would be some words and writings may seem strange and even perhaps a bit misleading!
    Therefore, knows that all readers end of these expressions do not always correspond to what we associate with these words!
    The terms are well known expression, which is used to evoke associations and should therefore be easy to remember!
    They should not be construed as meaning that it is so that we associate with these words.
    Because nobody knows with certainty today what it is, or how they work!
    First, what we call, what we see and how it is composed?
    What we see is called the matter is made up by smaller constituents of nature, which is also called building blocks, which are the atoms and molecules!
    Atoms are special requirements related to each other, and the link is strongest in the solid state
    form, but weakened in the liquid and gaseous form!
    Matter units forming small or large, and it is often called an object!
    And that’s something we should philosophize about!
    So we see it consists of smaller components and I must emphasize that the binding force between atoms is of great importance to humans, because even if one uses a force for change in their composition mutual, then restores the original shape when the force ceases to work!
    An example is that if we stretch a rubber band, as well go back, when one lets go!
    Another thing we should note is that we can provide a more object-matter, or we can also share an object into smaller parts, but in both cases, it is an object independent!
    But to make the slightest change in an object, we must use the force that the object should get rid of returning to his original form!
    The material in solid form smaller units, but as a liquid or gas units too small or large, but has the advantage that they are easier to mix!
    Solid material can be liquefied and even with gas, which becomes easier to carry!
    An object, a drop of water, yes, everything is
    matter and the size does not matter!
    It is and will be a stable object and the change is not without affecting the outside with any power!
    But what is a stable object?
    That means there is a stable internal
    system, composed of atoms and molecules that form the identity of the object!
    This is the system that allows the object is just the way it is!
    Any change in this system goes beyond the object, therefore, opposes any changes that you yourself!
    And it has, as we shall see, extremely important when it comes to transforming one energy form to another!
    What we see so many examples!
    To try to understand what it is, there is no help to get in some textbooks, and no way for scientists and other educated people!
    To get clarity in that it is the best help you use your imagination, and that’s what I did, and I feel that I have a little unbelievable!
    There is no one like to know what is the singularity, but they said it consisted of energy «pure» but what does this mean?
    But at least they called «super-strength»!
    But only one type of energy that we can say is in this tiny universe, has been «hot» !
    And it is a form of energy known to us, but it was not as hot as we know, but rather closer to heat in the room before it hits the field!
    But there was no space to be in, everything has been compressed into this little item!
    Today, we know from countless forms of energy, and since energy can not occur, then all that exists now, also existed in the singularity?
    And we know that energy is not completely disappear, so it will be even more in the universe!
    EF is an abbreviation for «energy frequency» and FM is an abbreviation for «frequency matter»!
    And that energy has not left the universe, even if it is larger, but is always present, and q’est do what I called EF and FM?
    But many scientists are surprised that distant galaxies appear to deviate from each other with increasing the growing speed and believes they are affected by a force that has the opposite effect gravity and thus cause the theory of dark energy to give, which I call the EF!
    But the energy that was singularities is not gone, not just that we have not the slightest idea what form it has and we do not know if it interacts with matter!
    But it is obvious that it has become weaker!
    Next I want the sender to a summary of the prospects that lie ahead if my theory on «dark matter» and «dark energy» is really true!
    I was really onto something that all the astronomers, physicists and many scientists do not understand, but they exist in the universe!
    That I think about scientists call «dark matter», which is invisible, but still a kind of material, and the current lack know what it is, they only needed to call the «dark matter»!
    Thus, the unknown character!
    Therefore, I think that type of energy,
    constantly turning over matter and my question is:
    What type of energy does the energy-rich matter?
    That matter is energy must be a certain proof that one or the other form of energy converted to energy in this area?
    And where does it come from?
    There must be some form of energy that does matter to energy?
    What I am trying to find a credible response
    to, and the same recognition that the material is a stable object with an internal system that can not be changed without an external force!
    All elementary forces exist in singularity, except perhaps attracting gravity (What was repulsive) but that was in the universe and existence there, had a different character, but she was there and that was what they are today, has been prescribed and not a random event!
    Therefore, I based my belief that both the matter and it is so important for us the living, was also present there, and was at one today, and it will forever! .
    But it is difficult to get others to view my thoughts on the universe, but he reassures me that all inventions and discoveries began with a thought!
    And who knows?
    Physicists and astronomers also asserts that there is no interaction between dark matter and ordinary and familiar visible matter!
    A dark matter affects the normal matter in the same way as the sun, the stubborn refusal to hear about!
    And expect those who believe as ignorant fools.
    And also believes it is twice as large amount of dark matter as ordinary matter!
    How can they be so sure?
    Currently we are discussing the theories and a theory can be just as good as another?
    So my theory about the same weight between these two forms of matter, is not only
    imagination, because it helps explain, at least for me the outstanding riddles!
    Now, when researchers finally concluded that dark matter represents about 25% of the universe!
    And it fits well with the theory that it is also 25% of ordinary matter!
    In ordinary matter accounts for only about 5%, may be that we currently do not observe any normal matter, but if it is true that it is equally clear that the dark matter, this matter constitutes 50% of universe and 50% dark energy!
    Now, this is so, that what we perceive with our senses is the light that makes the ordinary matter and light is the frequency of specific wavelengths and frequencies is the only language that our understanding of brain!
    What we see is not really normal matter, but only one photo of him, and if we imagine that dark matter is the ordinary matter is potensiale frequency (the material is both particle and wave-shaped form) so it means that what we see is that dark matter and ordinary matter not?
    Now we know that matter is energy, and it must be transformed from another energy, then why does the dark energy as the source of energy in all matter!
    If we stop focusing on the idea of dark matter and dark energy, and refer instead that «the energy frequency» (EF) and the «frequency matter» (FM), and takes as starting point, so I think research would be a step forward, that’s what I try to suggest in this book.
    Which form the subject of a stable object, we can find countless examples!
    Although small in an atom or as big as a planet, so that a stable object with an internal system, and that is precisely because of FM!
    It allows the material available, and it should for any reason, a change in the internal market system, so make sure that the FM will restore the system!
    An example is a piece of iron we can make energy in the form of electrical energy!
    It changed the internal system, and to be as is he thinking with the extra energy by creating a magnetic field!
    And as long as power goes, it is also a magnetic field.
    Then, it is ourselves who starred adds energy. But as we shall see later, so we have not removed to bring the energy of iron, for it to form a magnetic field!
    If we add another element, carbon (?) Will in special circumstances energy elsewhere?
    And there can be other than that provided EF. And when we are at the heart matters!
    But FM is not a form of radiation, but a state which corresponds to the normal matter. We know that light and sound must come from a light source and sound!
    FM is not radiation, but it has an energy that must have a source, just like radiation!
    I think that FM receives energy from the EF, and when we understand why he has a setback
    gravity of ordinary matter!
    There is a general feeling that EF-cons weigh the gravity!
    So I think the EF is FMs source?
    But what impact this recognition means, and what are the benefits of it?
    And I think that is about 25% of the universe?
    This expression has never been published, but I take the chance and call the rest!
    But if we imagine FM as another type of energy in the form of ordinary matter, but develop the same direction, which corresponds to the energy in the normal matter, so it’s understandable that it is not so easy to know what dark matter is!
    But I am convinced that the dark matter, the FM, as is the potential for normal matter, like radiation of all kinds is the potential to matter!
    FM is the matter, but it is invisible to us because it is only one frequency, but it affects us as a normal user stuff!
    The telescope is not exactly the right instrument to FM make visible for us!
    But how are we to understand this unknown force, if we have knowledge that there really?
    But I think the study of normal matter, we also know on FM!
    For it is the same and have as much energy than normal, visible matter!
    And it’s not wrong to let your imagination and think a theory as an attempt to provide an explanation to this mystery?
    The theory of frequency, the material is something that I found, but I’ll start to say that the many different energy forms can be translated into a single effect!
    And think how many different forms of energy that can be used before the formation of electrical power!
    Currently, we believe it is not possible to generate electricity in any other manner than what is known today!
    For many years we had the old tradition of bringing water from the other side of the creek, our ancestors have always done, because they have always believed that water was better on the other side !
    One possible way to harness the energy of the universe are described in the previous chapter,
    and if we succeed there, we have a future that is incredibly delicious!
    We will see later that I challenge the skills to assert that there are other ways to achieve it in an another way!
    So can ordinary matter may, in certain circumstances, be available for us!
    But it is so strong that it is so in reality?
    Suppose we change the sign?
    This idea is amazing, no need so far!
    Listen to this!
    No one can deny that the matter is part of what science considers that empty room, but we see that the universe is not deleted as empty as you thought!
    To us humans, it is mainly the field of interest, because we can see and observe, but the rest of the universe is invisible to us!
    But now I realized that all matter is in the universe, is also invisible to us, and we do not have a unique opportunity to observe, observe or record, without its being touched by some form of energy!
    And now, science has found that there is much more matter than we can see?
    They chose to call one of the matters for the dark matter, because we do not know what it is, but we’re pretty sure it’s there!
    But we shall soon see that this mysterious and unknown matter, is not so difficult to detect but it is certainly part of that empty space, and is the main reason why we can all do our observations of the universe!
    But nobody knows how much ordinary matter, it is in the universe, and then we can not know how much dark matter there is?
    Dark matter is invisible, but there is no element of doubt?
    Then there must also exist on planets invisible and perhaps even invisible people?
    I came to think of words Broglie that ordinary matter is also vague, and that is the same as this matter is also frequencies!
    Now, the sound itself invisible, while the particles are visible, but we know with certainty that the particles have also a potential rate!
    This material is both frequency (dark matter) and also particles (ordinary matter)!
    But then there are two kinds of subject, but some of the matter is not visible to us?
    But what is it in the reality that is visible and have been there that is invisible?
    To inquire about like this must be the stupidest one must do?
    But now listen: if you see a known object, and I say it is invisible, do you think it has plummeted to me?
    But wait a minute: Are you sure that you can see, but why are you able to see this object?
    You are quite sure that when you see a human being, you do not doubt that you can see that this is the way it is?
    But do not be so sure!
    It can receive signals from this man, is only reflected light, or certain frequencies that this person!
    It is quite possible that you can see the black and dark black can be white?
    No one can say with certainty how a person looks in real life!
    It depends on the output frequency one, which is done for it is most natural to a living being is to be bleak for all as they are and will hate any interference from the outside!
    But fortunately, our eyes are adapted to specific frequencies, and most of us who see it the same way as those who are color blind, who see things differently than the rest of us!
    And we do not know how the animals look at us?
    It is not certain that the dog looks at you like a human, and if you take care of a baby lion, so I think it’s always like a lion, because the eyes are fitted over the a community is, therefore, they are the best chance of having a good life!
    The light reflected from the object, the frequencies your eyes will take care of you, and the contours of the object is sent as an electrical frequency of the brain that makes you feel what you see!
    Light is a force that affects particles in the eye, which is transmitted to the brain as electrical impulses!
    The conclusion must be that dark matter is the usual frequency of matter-form?
    And then he comes to the conclusion that this is strange only dark matter, or FM, we expect?
    And no matter what they call normal!
    To our senses and our brain is receptive only for frequencies!
    Even the smallest particle can not be sent to the brain, without damaging it, so why the frequencies, the only language the brain understands!
    So now, suddenly turned things completely opposite?
    All we were so confident that we have observed is now invisible, but what we thought was invisible suddenly becomes visible!
    As ordinary matter it is also invisible but we know it is not, and I do not know what this matter is not and when it dark?
    I think that dark matter appears in the normal matter like the sun, and we do not need to be as we thought we are leaving something in ourselves, or reflects the fact that a particular type of energy!
    Matter can not be observed unless it is affected by a force from outside, and he is somehow responsible for energy, which means he still has a volume, and shares borders size!
    Or in other words, an object, where the shape of an internal energy and a stable system that can not be changed without the object has changed!
    And in this system is both normal matter and dark energy represented!
    We can say that in any matter, particles and frequencies emmagasined!
    And it is well known and widely used in computers articles!
    And precisely here lies the secret!
    We humans have managed to find how we can collect particles of an object and that object may have an effect, such elements can transmit a signal!
    So we can add this one particular signal, eg a picture of a man, and when it is full spectrum of human which has provided the subject, but it does not change the subject internal system, but part of the object, like a passenger in the car!
    So, this table will always be a part of and in the object, but as a passenger may exit the vehicle so that we also delete the image!
    So it is not difficult to see that the matter is now invisible, really exists, even if the words are invisible?
    Because it has gravity, and why it must also be due to a constant and continuous supply of energy because it must get rid of!
    We are saying that there must be a thrust force of the invisible matter all together!
    And whence comes this power?
    Dark matter, or FM frequencies are, as unveiled by the invisible material matter!
    We know with certainty what effect, and where it comes from, the force that makes the visible matter.
    When this energy hits the matter, then refer the case for frequencies!
    But this is not said that the matter is frequency!
    Because often we see that there does not always the same as the output as we send!
    But it is certainly not easy to understand what is invisible and what we see rèalitèt, but we must be able to draw the conclusion that our brain gets the impression, that of analysis and process matter of possible frequencies, the material itself is not visible, if what we see is entirely dependent on the type of frequency, it has to!
    So how reality can be quite different from how we perceive with our five senses!
    Therefore, we must consider the existence of matter with respect to the empty room!
    And then just observe that if matter is energy, we need the rest of the universe is energy!
    And then we can conclude that matter is not so different than the empty room!
    It must be a strength in the empty room that allows the material forming objects, which makes energy visible in the empty room for us humans!
    What objects have internal systems must also be due to the energy in empty space, which is required to have a related system!
    In the matter inside the system is determined by the energy of empty rooms, which means that the whole matter must be balanced with the empty room!
    This means that everything is governed by strict laws of nature, which does not give access to the exemption from those laws?
    This matter attracts each other is a necessary feature that is not to make contact with the room empty!
    In a case of how the encounter anything that can lead to a change in its relationship to the empty room!
    We, and indeed all matter is so complex, that our internal system must be such that it is, we should have a balance with nature that the universe!
    If our internal system was not as it is, we would not be in existence!
    And yet nobody believes in a certain influence of the universe?
    In the research environment, it is very curious about this unknown phenomenon called dark matter!
    No idea what it is, because we do not see, but we believe it exists but we do not see why, because we are not equipped with the organs that detect the existence of all matter in the universe!
    The only way we humans can understand what dark matter is, is to use your imagination and experience of thought and ask ourselves what we really see what we know as normal, visible matter When we humans view each other as we are fairly confident that what we see, in reality, as we see it!
    But it is now certain that what we see is just the way it actually is?
    When we first ask ourselves why we see things?
    And we know that because things reflect light with specific frequencies, and our eyes are complex and custom tailored exactly these frequencies, the eye (which is already congested FM), return ( not to be destroyed) in the brain that processes and analyzes them, and create an image of the thing!
    So when you see a man if that’s what we see, only an image of man, which is determined by the frequency, the person is, and no different than if we had seen on TV!
    So do not think he was so certain that the person is in reality as you see it!
    But fortunately, our eyes just as composed and suitable conditions on Earth, and it is that everything we see is the same for everyone!
    The conclusion must be that the normal matter is under constant pressure from the EF, but not to accept that he was able to absorb, and this quantity of energy absorbed, I think, therefore it is called dark matter, while in reality just one source, Thus, dark energy and the EF is also unknown to us that dark matter, dark matter, but can be as real as it becomes like FM ordinary matter with exactly what the laws of nature dictate the need for a stable subject, and the inertia of matter helps keep the overall system stability and the ability to refer the matter to the powers beyond what it needs!
    This means that we can both see and hear, taste, smell what the smell!
    Scientists believe that we are dealing with two types of materials, including a type is a mysterious unknown type of matter, but in reality it is both dark and normal to the same thing!
    It depends on the frequency that emits matter and how our body, which include both dark and ordinary matter is constructed and composed, so they can receive the frequencies that issues matter and transform them into electrical impulses going to your brain!
    If we just imagine that we are being visited by extraterrestrial beings, so they can in our eyes of flesh can be quite different than us, because the light reflected from these beings, have frequencies very different from us because our eyes are so well adapted, they may register only earthly things!
    It is not certain they would be visible to us nor for the radiation from their bodies, does not fit with the components of particles in our eyes that are adapted to our planet!
    We are, in other words, poorly equipped to detect any matter in the universe!
    Therefore, we can be surrounded by unknown forces, without suspecting it, and our instruments are of no help because they show us only what we can perceive with our senses!


  27. Harald Brobakken says:

    I assume that everyone knows the law of energy conservation, which states that energy can not arise nor disappear, but change form from one type of energy to another!
    As I argue that what we are made of, and which we see and observe, also called the matter, only a mediator of energy mainly comes from the cosmos, so I think many will protest, and assert that I am astray?
    And even worse is when I say that all energy is reflected from another energy!
    And that means that what science calls a reaction is only reflected energy from another power, but has the opposite effect!
    It is not difficult to ascertain when it comes to light, sound, and also particles!
    But it means that the gravitational energy is reflected, even though most will not admit that the gravitational energy, although electricity is a form of energy that comes from the force of gravity!
    Likewise, it is with magnetism, which also is regarded as energy, despite the fact that it can pull heavy trains on steep slopes!
    I am totally convinced that matter has a special ability to transform an unknown energy to the kinds of energy we know, and I am equally convinced that matter get the energy from the universe!
    But it looks as if we still want to go over the brook for water!
    If we just for a moment think that we can compare the power of the cosmos and the power from the Sun, we know very well that something in the sun’s rays are absorbed by matter and some is reflected, but once the sun goes down, the matter before the sun shone on it!
    But if we think about the power of the cosmos, and think of it as a “Sun” which never goes down, it will always reflect on the matter and always absorb some of the power, and that’s what it absorbs we call “dark matter” and that it reflects the gravity and the sun never goes down, we call the “dark energy”


  28. Harald Brobakken says:
    UTOPIA OR REALITY? ACTION WORDS This book is mainly about three things! One is an attempt to gain a better climate, and in that respect, I ask myself a little dubious about the established scientific view of much of physics and astronomy! I can say that I am in a way, «speaks of Rome opposite!» The second is related to religion and faith, and I argue quite certain that only faith, retarded or inhibiting all progress in society! The third I try to focus attention on the all wars, violence and differential treatment of other people! The purpose of this book is to focus on things that will appear inexplicable for us, and try at least to find a natural explanation, as both researchers and others can accept and maybe do some research on, and bring the idea further, and finally either not confirm it, or at best confirm it! I have put a ring around a number of points that I would like to be elucidated, and look like they are proven wrong with a better explanation is more credible. I put up some points witht things I find difficult to understand, but I must admit that I think my explanation is more credible than the established explanation given by professionals, so therefore I will try to give a reasonable and logical explanation for this to satisfy my own ideas! 1. Why not shut off heat in the Earth’s interior? 2. On the way the brain understands all the senses? 3. The magnet mysterious force?. 4. Is healing really abilities? 5. Why is matter energy? In addition to those mentioned here, is the warmth of the sun’s outer atmosphere, and why gravity was repulsive in the first years after the Big Bang, which can be explained by my theory! It is up to each questioning soul to come up with objections and counter-argument and adopt a skeptical attitude to my assertion that the sun is not the only universal impact on the matter? FOREWORD! It is, in fact, no book, but a set of notes that are recorded over the years, but recently events have led to a desire to be a contributor in the fight against climate change, injustice and differential treatment of certain groups of people! Therefore, the book is marked by poor language use because of low literacy levels, which means that the content is complex, not chronological! But the point is that the desire to carry a message and a tip for those who fight for a better world for all people on this planet! But I think, why not try? But gradually I understood how I set my goals too high, which some regard as frivolous based on fantasy and ignorance! In this book there are some expressions and terms that may seem both strange and incomprehensible for many, therefore I will briefly try to explain the significance of these concepts. First I will mention that all we see is called matter. And this is my first statement, which sure many agree, but it requires a little reflection, and perhaps a bit of interest for the issue about the world we live in, and that I claim we are a part of, and that we never can get out of, namely, the cosmos or the universe! My first assertion is that the matter always creates something that I call a «stable object», with an internal system! Any object, big or small, so it is an object or a thing! That it is stable means that there will always be as it is, if no one touches it, or expose it for one or another influence! That it has an internal system means that nothing in the object is stationary, even though it looks like this for us, for the atomic level is the movement and activity. This system seems to be held by something, and it must be allowed to try to find out why it has this property, for if we change it so it is no longer as it was, but what is so strange is that the system always falls into place again when the external influence ceases! It is only thus that the existence of solids, and that for items, we can go on the floor! You see the perhaps is not something strange in that you can push an object from one place to another? It happens in reality is giving this piece a little energy, and this power converts the object to a different energy, which is the movement from one place to another, because the object has no use for, and would rather not have this power, so the get rid of it as soon as it can! This is something that we must try to understand, and the book is almost about energy, and how we can get just the energy we need! But to achieve it, we need access to some form of energy, as we first need to add matter, and the output is entirely dependent on how matter is put together! I am also very concerned about the environment and the poor man’s problem, and feel it as a duty to contribute something that would improve the situation for us. But no one takes this perhaps seriously, but I am totally convinced that we have something to bring the universe, but I need help to try and experiment! For a long time I have thought about alternative solutions to the energy crisis, and have arrived at a solution which, unfortunately, no one will believe in! I have questioned the researchers and other professionals, but no one is interested, and calls it the silly, even if it is a certain facts! The facts are represented as gibberish, is not new, and it’s not just people with little education who maintain it. Professors and knowledgeable people, refuses to recognize facts, even if the evidence is documented! Here are some of the questions I have submitted for professionals! Why not shut off heat in the Earth’s interior? In response to what I was told that it is due to radioactivity in the rocks! And that the drug was radioactive remained inside the earth and came not out of a volcano erupting! Thanks for that! And here I am therefore not agree with the researchers, who claim with great certainty that energy will not occur, but argues in the same breath that radioactivity occurs in some elements, and the radiation it emits that energy comes from the element because just this element has this property? Radioactive materials that emit radiation, such as uranium, thorium and other substances are therefore, according to researchers, because radioactive energy is stored in this material from the time when the Earth was created, and therefore can be compared to a perpetual mobile! But as you can in a way to say that energy occurs in this material? Contrary to recognized laws of nature! Those who maintain it, while denying a recognized law of nature! And the law knows all good! Energy can not occur, but only change form! If I’m wrong is a matter exception to this law, and has energy all by itself? To imagine that the universe provides us with energy is completely unthinkable, for it is not in the textbooks! And then it will not help with evidence! A typical example of «old woman against the stream!» How should one think further when paragraphs stop any form of innovation? Currently it is focused much on the climate and the need for renewable energy! To make it clear to all we can affirm the following facts! Energy can not occur, but only change form! Matter (what we see) is energy! It is thus not unthinkable that is only a form which is formed of a different form of energy! It must therefore be added to a type of energy that makes the energy. This is the proof for that matter getting a supply of energy from somewhere to be energy! Why is it so hard to believe it? I am completely convinced that it is so! Just think how many arcane puzzles that it will solve? If we have a type of energy available, so you can assemble matter in a certain way to get it converted to just the energy we need! It’s just what we do when we make many different machines! A car is assembled in a very specific way so it can convert gasoline, and the energy it emits is movement, and that’s exactly what we want! But gasoline, we have at hand and can therefore add it to your car, but we provide the car is a completely different energy than the one we want, for what we want is a transfer from one place to another! Matter transforms thus a type of energy to another if it is properly balanced! Radioactive material emits radiation, because it is composed in a certain way that makes it so it is! In many cases it is nature itself that has put the matter together so as to emit radiation, but the release is a completely different energy than that I think it will be added somewhere from! Radiation is energy, therefore it must be the energy from somewhere that causes this radiation! And this energy comes from somewhere, may be quite different than the radiation emitted! All matter is what we call an object, with an internally stable system that makes it just the way it is! This system is not easy to change from being the object changes. We add the energy, then converts the object energy (depending on how it is composed), and release it, not to change its internal system! But this subject that we have energy at hand that can bring the matter! There are so many examples of it that we can turn the firm as facts! We humans are also matter, and also has an internal system, and we know quite well how it works if the system is changing! We will be sick! So I ask if there is anyone who can point out a single power that not comes from a different effect? A type of energy we are familiar with is gravity, which we often use to get the useful energy! (For items Electric power). Science speculates on what gravity is and how it occurs? But if we hold ourselves to the fact that energy can not occur, but is caused by a different energy, then gravity must be a type of energy that is converted from a different energy, and where does it come from? Earth is matter and is therefore an object with an internal system, and gravity must be the energy that it generates to not have changed their internal system, which means that the Earth must be the supply of energy from somewhere? This must be a simple way to understand what gravity is and how it occurs! The science is generally agreed that there exists a type of energy in the universe, but calls it «dark», (unknown) and then one would think that a possible explanation for this unknown energy would have little interest, but no, we explain the any time give out for yourself! Then everything stops there, for the common people only fantasize! But this energy can get to benefit! But we do not need to know what kind of energy this is, but concentrate on how to assemble the matter in order that it shall make electricity! For by putting the matter in certain ways, we can get it converted to just the power we need! To quote Graham Bell invented the phone in the late 1800’s, «I do not know what this power is, but I know it exists!» I can say exactly the same! No one knows what this power is, but we know it exists! Matter is so complex that it always generates gravity, but it must have a certain size before it is measurable! We and all men, yes, everything that exists on earth, is a part of this planet, and if the earth emits energy, as are we in this process! We know how to assemble matter, (by this unknown force) so that it will emit a magnetic force, but currently we do not know how this power can help us to build a power plant that generates electricity! For by putting the matter in certain ways, we can get it converted to just the power we need! But it will come, and when we get more than enough clean energy! How must it simply is, and Bellona and other environmental advocates must understand this and eyes a little hope of a better climate! WHY is there no one who believes in this and adopts the enormous importance it will have on us humans? It must be because it does not come from professors and recognized scholars. CHAPTER 1. NO WRITTEN RULES OF THE NATURE! There are two issues in particular I would like a logical explanation and credible when it comes to the matter! Why not turn off the heat in the earth interior? Why is there so much energy into matter? The purpose of this book is to find answers to things that seem inexplicable to us, and at least try to find a more natural explanation, as both researchers and others can accept and maybe do some research and develop the idea further, and then either confirm, or not confirm at least. I do not know how I’ll manage to convince anyone on this subject, like science and the vast majority regard as an absurdity, but I wanted to do a thought experiment to illustrate what I believe and think! All calls for new technologies to prevent climate change, but is the will there to try something new? It is useless to bring the science out of their paradigm and interest in something that is not in the textbooks, but I try once again! If we have a computer, so you can add text and images to save them! There is probably nobody can deny! That is, we must first collect all the material somehow, and when we do that, we have a stable object, and it has an internal system, which is static, and would prefer not to leave it as it is, because if we change it, the whole object is destroyed and is unable to perform the tasks that we want! All this system is composed of pieces of very numerous small particles, which all have a common goal, and all these particles are composed of even smaller parts, ie the smallest parts of nature, namely atoms and molecules! And why not look at what happens at the atomic level? An atomic nucleus is the smallest object in this case, and it consist of protons, electrons and neutrons. However, everything we see around us exist even these small parts! Although there is only one nucleus, so it is an independent object, whose nature is once and decided that the way it should always be! And nature in this case must be dark matter, which are atom-wave form, and therefore the atom an independent and stable object! And thus, it is something that protects it against being different! And thus the whole matter! Regardless of the number of nuclei join! It is the task and purpose, which is determined by the nature of each piece that counts! When we say p. ex. that the proton is electrically charged, so it means only one thing and that is what the natural laws have ensured, and there’s a reason why it is so, but the laws of nature will also enable the atom to return the natural state! What we do not understand very well, what it means to be changed, and why it is charged, is simply that nature has not yet told us that! When scientists say something is a positive electric charge, so it is difficult to understand or imagine what it is to be positive or negative charge means, but it is much easier to understand that when something is full, there is not room for more, and an addition of more, have to find other places to be if the way is open, otherwise we must condense what is full, so that the volume is smaller, but then we run the risk that what keeps it all together is destroyed! It should be allowed to ask that science does not ask why and how the proton is electrically charged? It is as the reason for charging is not so important, and they are bound to declare that it is as stated in the manual, this way it is, always has been, and goes well in all future! Trying to find an explanation on the matter of the most important qualities that are so obvious, has absolutely no effect, and anyone who suggests a possible explanation is simply fantastic and no credibility! It should not be difficult to see that matter always creates what I call here the stable objects, and that the components of these objects are held together by a force, which is the system’s internal object, and this combination power is so strong, that there must be a significant amount energy for change in this system! When we arrived in this strange happens in nature when the particle charge, we must talk about what happens in the atmosphere when it thunders! Thunderstorms occur when warm, moist air rises and meets colder air, and when it is formed ice particle, and so the science says that when these particles collide as they are charged electrically and there is tension that resulting of lightning? I strongly doubt that collisions between the particles are electrically, and I think we must try to find other more plausible explanations of how lightning occurs! I believe that nuclear is the natural state of being a stable object that has an internal system that protects it against any change, and that the system is held in place by a universal force that affects the entire past all matter. (Dark matter) And then comes the question whether we need to move away from the established view of the positive and negative electricity, but rather see the matter as an object that is stable, and if it is affected by energy so it deny it in different ways! I think we get away from the recognition that matter is electrically charged, either negative or positive electricity, but rather focus more on the matters quality and the fact that the state of all matter is determined by dark matter, so that it rejects all the energy that applied to it, beyond what dark matter is attached to it! And this stability is determined by dark matter, and it is easy to understand that the binding force of atoms is stronger where the density is greatest! If only someone could imagine that there is dark matter that affects the ordinary matter so that it becomes stable, it should not be difficult to understand that, for example. thinner air has less influence of dark matter than the denser air below the atmosphere. Sun’s influence on air masses is a good proof of this, the air is the warmest at the Earth’s surface is colder the higher you get up in the atmosphere. It is also just as dark matter, and therefore there is less energy in colder air than in warmer, but the hot air gets energy from the sun, and if we think that there is dark matter that has been established energy in the air so it can be why hot air has a surplus of energy that it must get rid of to be as dark matter has determined it to be, and therefore flows always warm air to cooler air, but cooler air is also determined by dark matter, so that it also opposes more energy, and I think that it is the cause of thunder and lightning! Because, how would the scientists explain the fact that the particles are equally charged, repelling each other, so that they are unlikely to collide, and there are some who have seen that a collision between particles leads to electric charge? So I think it’s more likely that conditions in the atmosphere now and is such that these ice particles is suggestive of a universal force? And we must not stop until we get concrete evidence that the way we thought it is. The most important thing is to get a secure documentation of an influence of a force from the universe, because then it becomes easier to document things that the moment is a mystery to us! Science tells us that ice particles of one reason or another is electrically charged, and emits energy, like protons, but I think the atmosphere of the subject seeks to return to its natural state, and to do this same way that short-circuit, or that with what we call lightning! This seems more credible, but how many would agree with that? May we not soon change some of our conception about what electricity is, and what is the reason why this useful power occurs? We must not forget that all our senses, converting light, sound, and also particles of electrical impulses, and when we talk on the phone will sound to electrical shock, and electrical frequencies are converted to sound again, so it can not be any doubt about the electrical power is not are particles in motion, but the frequencies corresponding to particle-wave shape! I know many people who share my belief that we can get all the energy we need in the world, but if so, when we know with certainty that we have a stable and secure energy for hand, then will the elements turns this energy such as electricity! Those who think they know better, will perhaps dismiss this as nonsense, but until they can prove that it is impossible, there is no reason to be so secure and confident with to be right! And when I say that electric power is a method used for the matter not to get their internal systems destroyed, so I will be sure that it happen to hear an outcry among people who are sure they know better! But I have a goal of a world as completely use only electricity without contamination as energy, and as long as no one can add the specific evidence, so it is impossible, I continue the fight against climate change! Therefore, I will come with an invitation to experiment with something to refute or confirm my theory of a global impact! We need a battery and a meter that can reflect on a screen, and any liquid that led the power! Thus, electrolysis! The fabric must be gathered in a small container, and placed between two contacts of the battery! When we connect with these contacts, there is power in the liquid, and what we also need, is to add various other drug substances, and break the contact of each substance we add. What we will try to find is the mixture we need, that power will continue to run after we have coupled the power? If this occurs, we have found the right combination, and simultaneously receives proof of a universal power! What we’re trying to do is to make this mixture open to a universal impact, and we can get as much power as we want for free! And now I try to do a little more understandable that people know what I mean! Imagine a glass that is completely full of water, and there is no room for more, so if we fill more water it will overflow, or we can say that it rid of everything we fill, but then we imagine that the glass is hit by a force that moves the glass under the tap, but is linked to a location with a rubber band, so we must use force to hold up under water current, then the glass overflow as it is there, but once we let go and move right back to where it was before, and it is still a full glass, so it is becoming as long as nobody move it! It is well known that water in the glass on an internal pressure on the glass, and if it is very thin, so there is less pressure before cracking and is destroyed! Here I must interpolate the water in the glass is an object that is protected by glass, and when it is full it can not take care of more water, and it must therefore get rid of everything that is supplied, but if it is blocked, then must the protection be stronger, otherwise the object destroyed! And if it overflows are less than what is provided, water is press more and more together, and then it also increases the internal pressure on the glass, and resist the pressure increases must be equivalent to a thicker glass! And it’s the same situation is in q’il cord or wire! If the cord is thin, less able to sustain the supply of energy before it burns and destroys itself as a string, and getting rid of the supply of energy without being damaged, it must be thicker like the glass! If we get a wire or cable, (representing a full glass) and move in a magnetic field, (we move the glass), it is electricity in the cable! Science has taught us that if you break a line of magnetic force, it is producing power! But I will draw the similarities between the cable and the full glass, by imagine that the wire is too «fully» or «fully charged», like the cup? The wire material that is normal, I think that dark matter is impacted on the wire, and fill, or load it (or fill the glass), and the movement of the magnetic field is analogous to the elimination of glass running water, and that the wire is «fully», saturated or «fully load» of dark matter, and then it is in the same situation as the glass under the tap running constantly (or get rid of them) and the cable to do the same by releasing the power, because it is saturated, and because it’s the way it is, and can not get more energy? I think we can said it was just dark matter that holds the material loaded (on line) is always saturated or charged (similar to that which fills the glass) and thus get rid of power (the running water as owerflowing) that affect it, and because it’s just the way it is, so that produce electric power? This is something I believe, and it is possible to have it confirmed experimentally for those who have the equipment and a little ingenuity! It is, in principle, it happens to all normal matter, and I think it is always affected by a force, and this excess energy that must be disposed of so as not to be changed! So the conclusion must be that dark matter is ordinary matter in the wave form, while normal matter is matter in particle shape! But as we shall see later, we get the paradox that we think it is matter particle shape we see, where as in reality it is particle’s wave form that makes the particles visible to us!! And this surplus of energy emitted depends entirely on how assamblé is, and here we can see how we can put together, so it emits only the power we need! Dark matter is a part of the world energy, and also a part of dark energy, and because it recharges ordinary matter is the part we therefore called also that the matter! This material has the ability to transform the force that affects us have many examples! All the machines we have demonstrated this, and also nature has shaped the material, which emits different types of energy! Examples of this is that the iron which creates magnetism, and uranium emits radiation of different types. And believe it or not, in fact all matter can be both waves and particles! But there is reason to believe that all the energy that we know and be useful for us, just by the material, but not just one type of energy, but there is always one which is the dominant, and we must try to do is find the right composition for which electricity is the dominant force? If we all think we get electric power from the universe, it can be done through the matter, and we must try to find how to put the material together so that the energy it receives from dark energy, which is not absorbed by the material, released and emitted as electricity! Here, researchers have quite a task and a challenge to give up fighting against! For it must always be a force behind all kinds of energy! It is clear that many will ask what is the purpose of this experiment is, and say it’s silly, but I do not know until it is establish, but when I say that a successful attempt to prove that any power in the matter at the origin of the universe, and what it would mean for us, should be easy to understand! Providing free electricity, free gas, and outside with oil and coal can become reality! But how can I find someone to believe in this? A permanent magnet is a good example! For it was he who as got me to think that when carbon get magnetism to persist for a long time, so it must be possible to find something that gets electric power also to persist for a time! When we send electricity around a piece of iron, as we open a door to the world, and iron has received visits from the cosmos, but the iron that are not happy as it is, and send this cosmic visitor away, but the door will be closed fairly quickly, which means that we cut the current, and thus peace and calm restored to the family of iron! And that is: A short course around a little iron and iron that is already «fully» or saturated, dark matter, «and the overflows» is transformed to a magnetic field, but when you let it go, (disconnect power), the iron is not magnetic, or the «door» is closed! Elastic has pulled back this power (tap water)? But we know how to remove the «elastic»? If we mix in a few atoms of carbon in iron, and repeat the experiment, if the carbon has absorbed the «elastic» and when the iron is not pulled back, but continues to be magnetic! But what we have learned, is quite certain is that this power is something that the material produced, and perhaps never thought that this power comes handy in the universe, or that it’s the material received and converted an excess of power, to exactly the power we need! Everybody knows what we call static electricity, magnetism, static and static gravity, radioactivity and as static, but most do not know what it is, but if the matter be exposed for a constant force it is likely that static electricity is a thing that matter try to get rid of, and therefore the electric field, gravity, or even radiation! How can we continue indefinitely with the search for solutions to many things we do not understand, but if you look at it this way is that everything becomes so much easier to understand! We have here an opportunity to confirm whether we have something to recover the world, because if it is correct, as the climate and energy crisis will be over! What I believe, therefore, is that there is no electric current creates magnetism, but the current availability of free energy of the universe, and the only way we can verify, is to do as Edison, and it is to try different drugs! The force of an object must be recovered is proportional to the size of objects, and it is difficult to understand when we see the great distance the force is able to overcome! Matter of procedure, the system stability is determined by the concentration of world energy is just the way it is now, and where the internal forces of change that system, there will always be restored! Nature makes sure that it generates an electric field, when that is not in its natural state, because there is nothing that prevents it from being so! Nature supplies protons with a power that enables him to restore the natural state! And what can overcome this obstacle or barrier to be? And why let nature that nothing prevents them from being the way nature has decided that it should be? To understand also leave a peek inside the proton! We find three small particle, and some have called for the quarks! The difference is easier to understand if one claims that they have different colors! We can say that there is a blue, green and red, so we the difference on them! These smaller parts of matter has its specific tasks, and again it is nature which has also given their particular mission! And they called up-and down-quarks, depending on what they are put in significant work to do! Now we know that a proton has two up and one down-quark! When nature we can see that this composition acts as a shield against the state which is decided that the proton should then follow the advice of the nature of the proton, being in charge, making it attractive for another small particle is also the nature provides is loaded, but it fits so well for the proton, which then found its natural state! And it must do to be who he is! Ľabroge this barrier is the electron, and each proton has one electron, but the protons are able to return in their natural state and do not give a little energy! All of the atom, which is composed of protons and electrons are then a stable object with an internal system, and the number of protons determines what element it is! We only mention that the neutron has a single up-quark, but two down-quarks, which are the natural state of neutrons in which quark-composition, so there is no barrier, and when the energy comes from the outside, react the neutron a little differently than the proton to reject the energy that affects it! The power it receives and disposes of the used to transform a down quark to an up-quark and is thus a proton, and then the problem solved, then starts also radiate energy! Arge, but it fits so well for the proton, which then returned to its natural state! And it must do to be who he is! It’s so important for us to understand because it may mean a change in the established paradigm? Sounds like a paradox that the natural state of the proton is changed, and there are natural laws that causes this change, but if you understand that laws of nature do not apply only to the game of universe that we call matter, then it may be paradoxical if the laws of nature should be applicable throughout the universe, then it may happen that something must be temporarily changed, that no natural laws to be broken! If it had not been if we had not been an evolution! Many wonder if there is life elsewhere in the universe? But why be surprised that when we know that life exists in the universe? There is no reason to question what we do exist? Life is a part of the universe as matter and the people, thoughts and consciousness, and above all intelligence! As described above, is the nature of matter, entirely determined by the current state of the universe and the organic matter is a deviation from a normal state, but there is every reason to believe that is what we call dark matter is ordinary matter is just the way it is, but that the force in the universe, it must affect the matter, so he gives up one of its forms natural and organic matter is well! But if organic matter should be, must be the power that caused this condition, which affects the continuous material, which is dependent on the intensity of the force, which in turn depends on size of the universe! But the power of matter are constantly trying to restore their internal systems, but are prevented from doing so, because life in organic matter, blocking the restoration! We believe with certainty that organic matter is completely different from the usual subject of death, but in reality, all matter is composed of the same parts, but the difference is just how nature has put these parts together! The most natural state of matter is dead matter, and if the laws of nature leads to material change other forms, for example. organic matter, is not the natural state of matter, and not a condition that can persist for long! Natural laws allow the material to change shape but the material is high-constant and try to restore the area to its natural state, but it is sometimes prevented this shield or barrier, but nature does not allow the shield work forever, so the materials will always win on everything that prevents him from returning to its natural state! There is no doubt that life is like a shield or a barrier that prevents the case back to its natural state, and the influence of nature on the subject, is the highest content of organic matter, it is only the organic matter decomposes quickly to its original state! And we do not have to wonder about exactly I will never disappear, because I know I’m here as part of all this, with everything in the universe, and have no other place to be at a place other than world eksiserer not! Yet many people floating in the illusion that the laws of nature can break! Now I have sacrificed a whole chapter on what to believe in something, and noted that faith is the same as to wish for anything, or hope for anything! Nature’s unwritten law, I have called this chapter, but in the next chapter we will see that nature has its own language, namely mathematics and it will even in future be our «bible», and then the truth of all natural laws be written! CHAPTER 2. NATURE WRITTEN LAWS We have heard about the unwritten laws of nature, but what will now indicate how to find what is written in the laws of nature! It is truly sad to hear that there is little interest for mathematics in our schools, but it may be because students have not received a proper understanding of the importance of this subject is for us humans! If you get the students to understand that mathematics is a language that is the only language that can tell us truths, they might change their views on this subject, from only numbers and letters, but not to a only international language, but also inter-planetary language that applies to the entire universe! If we even have contact with foreigners, they have exactly the same language and our mathematicians are our interpreters! Mathematics is own language of nature, and that language is the hidden, surprising many priceless treasures, and it will say that studies in mathematics can be compared to the treasure hunt! Each new word is a precious gift of all intelligent life in the universe! The question of whether God is a mathematician is so interesting and so true that I just had to stop all those who disagree with her! Imagine if people had their eyes opened to such an understanding, that in every match I mean, that mathematics is God who decides how everything should look like, and it punishes those who try to think they can break laws or violate the mathematical laws of nature! But the beauty of this god is that it is universal and applies to words in the entire universe, and does not discriminate! So stop, I am entirely sure the idea that God, the laws of nature and mathematics are one and the same thing, and mathematics are the words of God, and mathematicians are the right «priests» to tell us true Word of God! Natural laws are the executive, and mathematics is nature’s way of telling us how the law works, and is therefore in natural language! And that means that natural laws are unassailable, and mathematicians are those who get more insight into the true nature inviolable! If a law of nature can be described as a formula or equation, it is not just evidence, but proof that the evidence is the only truth and is not suitable for dissent or another type of skeptical objections! Or the opposite! If we know with certainty that something we believe, can not be described in mathematical formulas and equations, there is overwhelming evidence that there is not! In other words, believe in something that we certainly do not know can be documented, is the same as superstition and totally useless! It’s completely different with our scientists! They must believe in what they are researching, but I’ve never heard a scientist say that is true until it is well documented! This is my God, and mathematics is the true word of God real! The entire universe is created by mathematical principles, so anything that happened, everything that happens and everything happens, can be derived in the mathematical formulas and mathematical equations! And this means that all laws of nature are governed by mathematical laws, and everything and everyone must abide by those laws! Whatever we do or perceive with our senses, we have no chance to avoid these laws that slavishly follow the mathematical formulas and rules! But mathematics is a difficult subject, but now there are plans for a man-made intelligent machines, and when it comes getting our mathematicians a good tool when it comes to understanding the laws of nature! And I am sure that mathematicians will share their knowledge with us all, and the knowledge we will have will make us confident that the truth is made known to us! If it should happen when something that was previously seen as something supernatural, mathematicians will find a natural law that describes the event as a result of a known natural law! Nothing happens by chance! Many people say that life occurred during a random event? But how can something happen if it does not already exist? Life existed in the universe, but how can we imagine and doubt it? Life, intelligence, thought and conscience and the subconscious will even not longer be something mysterious and incomprehensible to the people! Many believe that these abstract properties comes from our brain, and occurs when because of the complexity of the brain, and there are not many who believe that this is the origin of the universe, and that it is part of the internal structure of the universe, and it is in the world before humans were created! Science has given us ordinary people a good insight into his world so that I can enjoy the diversity that exists in the universe! The same thing applies to our intelligence! It can not be something that arise in our mind, but is designed so that it can convey something that exists, so we were the people! But our brains have not the capacity to store everything that is covered by the laws of mathematics, and therefore we can not understand everything that happens in nature before us in about 25 years, have the intelligence Artificial! But it is not entirely correct, because our brains have sure enough big capacity, while we had to spend perhaps several years on a task, the machine would have managed the same in seconds! Only then will our eyes open, and then we realize that we must rid ourselves of many things that we now consider as almost sacred! The first thing that will disappear are religions, for when the pope comes to have a mathematical document, which is proof that much of what he told people is a physical impossibility! It is possible that he first chose to deny the facts, but eventually it will go up on most people, it denies the truth, and then religions plays a role, and it is definitively lost and deleted forever! For the entire universe, mathematics, and nothing else! No God can break the mathematics or the laws of nature, and it will end on the miracles and wonders and supernatural events, which now assigns an Almighty God! Such a super-intelligent machine will remove the word faith vocabulary of the man, and will be replaced by the certainty word! The machine describe our universal God, not as a human being, but as a mathematical formula that will convince us that everything that happens in the universe are not random events, rather than defined by the laws that can not be end to a questioned! Natural laws are unassailable and can not be manipulated and changed and that no one can overrule, not even an omnipotent God! As I have looked at before, it is to have a faith, a necessary tool, which we thankfully people are in possession, for we are without faith, we are not able to do anything! Therefore, it is both useful and sensible to have a belief in something, not least themselves, but faith can have both positive and negative aspects! A faith begins usually with a thought or an idea, and it is human nature to try to find out if one believes in, in one way or another can be realized or documented, so that faith can be certainty, and only then one is happy, and get more people to believe the same! When an idea comes along, it is not enough only to believe in it, but consider whether it all can be documented, before announcing it to others, but it is within the limits of the possible, set mon it aims to prove that it is right, and then comes the joy of reaching the target, and then it was a positive and creative faith! And here we will get the help of a mathematician, for he will even tell us if the idea is in conflict with the laws of nature, and if so, the whole case shelved, for we know that the mathematician speaks true! And mostly it is positive to have a faith, but the danger lies in a belief that has stuck so firmly that you disclose it to others as fact and when one is on the wild track, especially if we know that it is absolutely impossible in According to the established and well-documented natural laws! One thing we can ascertain, and that is that supernatural events, not violations of the laws of nature, but entirely in keeping with these and can be documented by mathematical equations and mathematical formulas! To believe that such events come from a God who is able to break the laws of nature, is an all too an easy solution which means that one never comes on, but remains at a standstill, and when faith is negative and not the men best! As the religion is practiced today, suggests that believers still live in a past dominated by superstition and harmful dogmas, and they will be glad that not everyone is of the same faith, for then we would still be in the Stone Age! CHAPTER 3. MATTER AND ENERGY! First I would remind that I’ve been inside and that’s when something is full, there is not room for more, and when it is no use pouring in more, for it will only be rejected and sent to other places but as we shall see, it is precisely that which is superfluous, we can make use us! I think it is appropriate to begin with some considerations of what is in us, around us and we think we know very well, and some call this area, mass, stones and earth and everything we can see and hear! Before looking at what we call matter, I will present the most important thing is property and what will follow: I am convinced that all the energy that we know is what I call the reflected energy! When we talk about the matter, it is not possible to avoid, and mention what is called dark matter, for it is just dark matter that makes ordinary matter is the way it is! And when we asked where the energy of the matter comes from, I am convinced that dark matter has a hand in it, and there is no doubt that it is the «charge» up the ordinary matter and make sure it is energy! The reason why the forms of energy, as is also a force dark matter as charged material, so it’s just the way it is! It is, in other words, filled with exactly the amount of energy it needs to be rich in energy! Matter is also fully of energy, and when such a force «dark energy» affects the matter, it must get rid of, or the return of this power, not to be different! But the excess power it gives, is entientièrement determined by how matter is put together! Thus the energy we need comes from outside (the universe), and affects the material that responds to, and give, and this is good for us! To be on earth again meant that I matter, and matter is the same as energy, said Albert Einstein (1879-1955) in 1905 at the famous discovery came! He drew attention in the research world as this éqaucation came and it looks like this simply: E = MC². That is, energy (E)=mass (M) x (C²) square of the speed of light! And it is about 300, 000 km. in seconds, or 7 times around the earth in one second! Now, should we believe that world energy needs could be covered forever! But what happened then? They found that they suddenly had a power that could be used to create weapons that could kill even more people! And so, and I remember well when the bombs exploded in Japan in 1945 and they was terrible! All things that we think we can see in the universe is what we call matter. But matter itself is invisible to us humans, but in certain circumstances make themselves visible by releasing energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation we call light! It’s not that the material is influenced by energy from outside, if we had not been able to observe, or view it. This section of the universe would be invisible to our eyes, just like the rest of the universe! We are totally dependent on issuing various forms of energy for us to sign! Our senses would not be of any benefit, unless the matter reflected the energy that affected it! But in order to provide energy, it must also have the procurement of energy, and it must come from somewhere, and the sun is such a source of energy that adds energy to the matter so it becomes visible sign for us! No one can deny that the only thing that is visible from this vast universe is what we just call matter! But now, science has established that there are two types of matter in the universe and science says they know of only one type of case, because he is visible to us, and they call normal matter, and has devoted his entire attention to it, and I was in the past, if science is merely allowed to ask himself, because our senses are not constructed so they can detect something that is not made up of atoms and molecules! And ordinary matter consists just of these components! This book is very much about what I call stable objects, which have an internal system that is difficult to change! Just think of our bodies that have billions of these objects, and also think how important it is that these small cells are not exposed to something that can change their internal systems! But to avoid such an influence of the environment is impossible, but luckily, these are small pieces become familiar with what affects, and have developed a defense against it, and why is it they have to restore their systems Internal extremely important for us humans, and that is why I give so much attention on! And when we are totally convinced that it is this particular property of matter, which allows all types of energy that we know ahead of this material is its internal system and merely reflects and converts all the influence from the outside! Science can and must reject new theories, but the skeptic should not go so far as to deprive any opportunity to try new things, even if the researcher himself says he is not serious and inimagivable! Some men in science tend to the arrogance of others opinions, and it is unfortunate for science in its superiority! It faces the arrogance of those who believe they alone have the necessary expertica so there are many who abadonnent, then perhaps progress will be lost! On the other hand, should require a new theory is that we know with certainty that we can say with mathematical formulas and equations, and exactly where I think science is the same contradiction when it comes of religion, as we know it is impossible to document! We know that the entire universe expand with tremendous speed! The matter is therefore vulnerable to pressure from the universe, and she resists this pressure by forming a reaction that works in the opposite direction of the universe to expand with enormous speed! And this response must be what we call gravity? Here we are again in the science of the skeptical attitude to the idea that gravity is simply reflected the energy? This should be possible to document, by measuring the weight for a while and see if there is a small gap! But the idea that gravity was stronger when the universe was less sure is rejettée by science! This would in this case be proof that what they call dark energy not only affect distant galaxies, but also the Milky Way, and also the Earth! This is completely analog to the light that affect the material! It also exerts a pressure in a direction for the material, creating a reaction that works in the opposite direction towards the light, and it is the only reason we can see the field! We say only that the material reflects the light! Because that is how we perceive any material, and not that is the way by materials to avoid any change of identity! If we can observe an object is solely due to our five senses, which has the unique ability to convert the given object to an energy-form that allows our brain to record the subject, but if one could accept that there is a force in the universe, which resembles itself as vibrations, or a similar effect, which in any case not intended for new weapons! Energy comes from the Greek word for energy, and means that the strength is the ability to do work, how work is defined as the force applied by a stretch! Standard scientific measure of energy include Joule (J) and this measure is named after James Joule (1818-1889) started to understand the energy that can arise or disappear but only change from one form energy to the other! We are familiar with the measures as kilograms and meters, but what is the Joule? In our food, we use a measuring device that we call the calories, or simply Cal! Joule. is the amount of energy is going to heat up one gram by 1° C. water and a callus is the same as 4.186 joules! So, a joule is a unit small enough! The law on energy conservation on the other, called thermodynamics first the main phrase the Earth’s resources of coal, gas and uranium can be consumed, but the energy stored in the energy carrier can only be released and processed, but will not disappear! On Earth, we have several different forms of energy. We have a motion called kinetic energy, and we have the matching energy is potential energy! And we will mark these two forms of energy because there is an interaction between them! We also thermal (heat), chemical (food) and electrochemical. (Batteries) But be aware that if we say that the energy changes or the potential for change, we can not describe all instances of energy in our physical world! A form of energy is interesting is what we call the internal energy! There is molecular motion, which is the kinetic energy and the rotations and vibrations of atoms of the molecule consists of what is potential energy! And when should it be allowed to ask why the movement of atoms is energetically potensiele? But it may mean that the dark matter affects the normal matter, and it is perhaps more important for us humans, the science of the mind! It is impossible to get rid of the idea that there is dark matter that is involved in the atom? Before turning to our own considerations, we must see what the physicists tell us about energy? What keeps these molecules in a continuous motion, is that all matter is used to transfer energy as heat! The content is always surrounded by the warmth of the environment, and have the same temperature! When I now argue that the cold does not exist in the universe, so to say that I am wrong? But it is true, if it had been the case if we had not been to! What we sometimes think it is called, it is because our body needs an appropriate amount of heat to exist! Matter is always surrounded by the warmth of the environment, and experience the same temperature! That is the environment that creates heat energy system? Let us say that the cause of energy in all matter. An asteroid somewhere in space must also be a cool object. And because space is the bar: 5° Kelvin (- 273° Celsius), and for us, it will appear as very cold! However, it is considered a hot set that in each case is large enough that molecular motion does not stop! This means that if it was possible to reach the absolute 0 point, it would all stop these movements, but this is impossible, so why all matter (by science), always have an internal energy! Einstein showed that matter and energy are one and the same thing, and today there is no doubt that for him. But let me say that energy can not occur, so in advance to an energy-form, which means that there is another type of energy that creates a new form of energy, also creates the matter! It helps not what science says! In this area exist, must be caused by another type of energy balance of matter! And make sure it’s just the way it is. This is elementary, then why science says very clearly not something that is so obvious that even children can understand! Matter is energy! When scientists say it is not created and consist only because of the energy of the universe! And that means it’s just the way it is. But the popular power base must also have the added power from somewhere? I am totally convinced that «clean energy» can we, if we begin to seek, receive from the universe and thus get rid of all fossil energy! We know that there is enough energy in the cosmos, we just do not know how to get it, but let us get on with the search! Science is not sure what «dark matter» is, but I think that it is likely that it is the part of the «dark energy» that the ordinary matter absorbs and we can say it in a way, «loader» up all matter and allows it to form stable objects, so it’s always fully charged and denies all other energy beyond whatever influence it! And the science sais there are up to 22% of the «dark matter»in the universe, the matter should divert the attention of the astronomer in may will have no other explanation, that this part of the unknown substance has a nature different from what we perceive as normal matter! And then it may not be as easy to watch! And it is precisely the energy it rejects that can be useful for us, for the type of energy it rejects is determined by how the matter is complex, and how big an object is, and the elements it consists of! That way you can say that the energy of the matter originally comes from the «dark energy»! Most people know the Energy Act which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and we know that matter is energy, but the law is not occurring, and must thus come from a different energy, and it can not be from anywhere other than cosmos, ie the «dark energy» This I think is a natural and simple explanation for this mysterious phenomenon that scientists call «dark matter» and that they have pondered for years! But even if this is recognized, then you also have to acknowledge a universal effect on all ordinary matter, and when there is a way I’ve always tried to convince people that the salvation of humanity lies in the universe! To me it seems as if the matter is held together by a force, which I have dared to say comes from outside, and in a way, «loader» or absorbed from the scientists call «dark energy», but because some of this energy is transferred to the ordinary matter, we see science on the matter, but calling this part of the «dark energy» for «dark matter»! The force that holds matter together is so strong that it needed significant amounts of energy needed to break this pattern exists in the matter, and it is no doubt that if we bring the matter a type of energy, then send the energy down and it makes it because the civil powers in the matter, does it in a way is «fully» and do not use more energy than it has, and this is a phenomenon that we have great advantage of, for I am convinced that all the energy we use comes from matter, but that’s the beauty of it is that the matter may emit a different energy type, than it will be added! And that is what we understand and know to put the matter together so that we can add the one type of energy we have at hand and get exactly the power we need! But we know very well that we only get the power, as long as we apply it to our energy, and if it stops, stop the power of matter, but in some of our machines, we have found a way to prevent the matter to return their internal pattern, and when we say that we saved what we so much want to keep! Here I presissere that shallow that we get the right effect based on the matter is that everything in nature follows the laws of nature to the letter, so that the matter gives us what we want, be due to nature as it is, and everything can be calculated from the mathematical laws? We do not know yet how and why it saves, but we have learned what we can do to retain an amount of energy! This is similar to the internal composition of the universe! There is a general feeling that the dark energy has the opposite effect of gravity, because it looks as if it pushes the material of the other, so that galaxies and clusters-Galaxy became more and more of each other! This may not be caused by other than the universe expand fréqencies is higher than the speed of the material, if the universe to expand with the same speed as the matter, the gravity would be the dominant power, and this would have led to the Galaxies clump together and eventually became a gigantic lump of matter, density enormous! In other words: The whole universe would become a black hole! Now we know that it is not the case, a galaxy which eliminates one another and must be due to the huge universe of speed! This frequency can not be the same as that described in the form of dark energy, but a kind of energy that can not occur or disappear! We can take for us an element, which is smallest part of matter. While it is small so it is an independent object, and we can not change its internal system, without affecting the exterior and preserve its identity, reject the intruder, and if the impact is constant and persistent and it is also what give as constant and persistent! But this impact would be a halt, stopping as a radiation area, and then restore it to its original identity! But the response has been a positive effect in that it reinforced the idea of a universal influence on the matter, and that science not even know why this phenomenon! I do not understand why you should not wonder that there is no evidence of volcanoes on other planets of our solar system! Why is it only the volcanoes of the Earth caused by the heat in the earth? We know with certainty that these are the known elements which exist in the universe, and it is no less radiation on Mars or Venus? So the explanation of the heat inside the earth to radioactive decay, etc., as geologists and physicists have done, are not sustainable and not very believable! Alternatively, a continuous supply of energy in the universe to be a better explanation of the intense heat! But it says nothing about the textbooks, and then there comes no further! This radioactivity decreases over the years has not been caused by exposure reduction, but the change of the radioactive material! In reality, we must turn it off, and change their name on it, what we can see, and what we can not see! No ordinary matter to any living thing, and what we see around us is in fact dark matter? Yet, many wonder what dark matter is? Dark matter is something that our senses are designed to observe and see, hear, smell and taste? But this is not correct to say that there is dark matter is matter that we see, or say it is that which is visible to us, but there is dark matter made of ordinary matter is able to emit or reflect energy that enabled with dark matter, both sound and lights that activate frequencies from a light or sound, or taste and overflowing odor probably the EF, which we do not yet know the natur of! But in a sense is it possible to say that there is a dark matter can be seen, because it ensures that only the light from an object or a person who thinks that activate the particles in your eye and the ear and makes these organs also able to reflect both light and sound as electrical impulses to the brain! We therefore see no dark matter of an unknown type of matter because it is part of ordinary matter! What we chose to call for frequencies, because we know they are converted into electrical impulses, therefore we think that something as light and sound, and you know that we are the new frequency! The similtude is striking exhibition, but we must recognize that energy supply is also a kind of radiation, and there is not the least doubt that it’s true! Nevertheless, I stand firmly as the dark matter (FM), so that the ordinary matter as it was we were so confident that we have seen is that the way we see it! The frequency of the dead are gone, who will soon frequencies we can not see, but these frequencies, we can not see, can be made visible for frequencies that we can see? But when we come to the conclusion that when ordinary matter is gone, then disappear just as I assumed that the dark matter, except that we did on these frequencies to electrical impulses, and have stored in a computer, such as no frequency, which is the same as the frequencies of missing parts! However, frequencies similar to those disappeared, exists in a specific field of light, and is therefore in no way disappeared, but what we see as light, is no different than what we have seen before they dissparaissent, and is just a small fraction of all the articles! But when some of the frequencies that compose a human being still exists, so I think it’s an opportunity for all frequencies of an individual, also still exists, just that we do not have the skills or some senses to observe the longer! The frequencies that we can not see, but which can be made visible, can theoretically exist in eternity! Or it may be reversed? But the frequencies are energy and can not be born or disappear, so they must always existed! But what is meant by the whole matter is a stable object? It is a term well known. All matter is formed by the thermal energy it receives all the time and the electromagnetic force and the atomic level, weak nuclear and strong! These are the characteristics of a permanent magnet. A permanent magnet is also a stable object with an internal system! But it generates a force that can be consumed, but the power seems to be replaced, and there must be an outside force that is affected? Thus, even an evidence for a universal unknown force! And that’s what makes us just as we are! If it also affected by this universal, unknown force, it will be the internal system to get rid of extra energy to the articles, to provide heat? It must do to keep his identity! According to the Energy Act, which is a natural product, the energy can neither occur or disappear! Therefore, the so-called energy-forms that are mentioned above, not be met, but from another energy form- and it is so totally wrong to think that just of the universe? Thus, dark matter and dark energy, or as I call it: FM and EF!! If I had the children learned that what is in textbooks is only o LikeLike
  29. starman says:

    This is all logical and clear to me. I liked the battery analogy. As a electronics tech for many years, I began to see the beauty of this ebb and flow of energy in all of its myriad ways. Subtle is nature, and this is where its language is heard, or as you have so eloquently put the treasure is hidden. This ‘force’ is not unknown, but simply unrecognized, because of the noise of the greater tides drowning out its voice, but it is their silently recycling all the universe says and does from beginning to end and back to the beginning again.



  30. Harald Brobakken says:

    Just want to make sure, in case you are serious, tell you that you use this universal power every day, but you’re not even aware of it!
    But now listen here:
    If we can only imagine the insides of a PC spread over the table, we see only the components and their mutual connection with each other, and the conditions for us to see them is that it is light, meaning that they are affected by a power outside! (Light)
    The light reflects it, or we can say it disposes of, or reject this power that nothing in this system should be changed, because if it had happened, the whole PC stop working!
    So we imagine that we load into a signal, and just like the light, the signal is also a power that comes from outside, and the signal is also reflected, but our eyes are not adapted to the signal frequencies, so we have to turn them into light that comes on screen, and when the signal is our visible!
    If the light is gone, it’s all on the table invisible, and if we in the same way, stops to add tags are also screen dark, and it is because all matter have the ability to retain its internal system that will be so we built it!
    But with a single press, we can signal our stored, and it will say that it continues to emit the signal ours, which means that an unknown force keeps the signal our firm, so the system has no chance to be restored back to its original system!
    And it’s as if the light had never lost, because then we would always see what we have on the table!
    On the way, for example. magnetism is stored in iron, as an unknown force maintains the magnetism, and all believe that in a normal battery is elektristiteten stored, but it is wrong because it is the chemical reaction in the battery that changed the battery’s internal system, and it is only when possibility occurs, then try the battery to return to its original system by getting rid of the power that the chemical reaction causes, making it by emitters electricity!
    And when the battery’s internal system is restored, the battery discharged!
    What we must try to achieve is to allow the unknown force, it will maintain even the electrical current in the same way that it maintains the signal is ours for the PC, or maintains the magnetism, or maintains radioactivity ETC.
    And this is where the treasure is hidden!


  31. starman says:

    I understand the ridicule you face. It is common among the uncommon of this world. Cheer up and be glad for your gift is great as will be your reward. No irony, but honest swearing of unity with you here. I hope you understand by this my sincerity of union with your innovative world view.


  32. Harald Brobakken says:

    Many people make fun of me because I believe in a universal influence, and therefore I can not decide if your answer is meant ironically, or if you are serious!


  33. starman says:

    I understand what you are saying and am merely waiting for the funding to to build a device to collect this energy and put it use.


  34. Harald Brobakken says:

    Science is not sure what «dark matter» is, but I think that it is likely that it is the part of the
    «dark energy» that the ordinary matter absorbs and we can say it in a way, «loader» up all matter and allows it to form stable objects, so it’s always fully charged and denies all other energy beyond whatever influence it!
    And it is precisely the energy it rejects that can be useful for us, for the type of energy it rejects is determined by how the matter is complex, and how big an object is, and the elements it consists of!
    That way you can say that the energy of the matter originally comes from the «dark energy»!Most people know the Energy Act which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and we know that matter is energy, but the law is not occurring, and must thus come from a different energy, and it can not be from anywhere other than cosmos, ie the «dark energy»
    This I think is a natural and simple explanation for this mysterious phenomenon that scientists call «dark matter» and that they have pondered for years!
    But even if this is recognized, then you also have to acknowledge a universal effect on all ordinary matter, and when there is a way I’ve always tried to convince people that the salvation of humanity lies in the universe!


  35. Harald Brobakken says:

    Thanks for the answer that I have studied very carefully, and here is a little more of what I go and think about!
    It hurts me when I see oil’s harmful effects on the coast of America, and therefore we must do everything we can to avoid such disasters!
    I also hope to help!
    A while ago I ventured to ask why the science of heat in the Earth’s interior never goes out and when I was told that it was something you learned in elementary school, but if I had gone so far that I had learned to read, so was I recommended to consult Wikipedia, so I know it!
    And just then it struck me that this is precisely what people have learned, and there are also the students learn, because no one will probably doubt that the science says!
    Just think of Copernicus!
    It was not the Church, which many believe, his main opponent, but his own astronomy friends who held onto aristotelismen they had learned!
    It is perhaps 100 years ago scientists agreed that there was radioactivity in rocks that cause this eternal fire, and people were satisfied with the explanation and settling that’s how it is, so there was no reason to philosophize more about this theme!
    Just this year we have seen the enormous forces of the Earth is in possession of, and we have been witness to volcanic activity, where fire and smoke wink pushed several miles up in the air!
    And all this because that is what we call fission or radioactive decay, or even radioactive decay, but the radioactivity found in natural state, only strength enough to serve as the spark rate of a fusion bomb!
    If you did not know better would think that science does not know the difference between fission and fusion, but of course they know it and they know so very well that a fission in the crust can not cause such destruction that we have seen, and the sole reason that they still determine radioaktivetet as the sole cause of this heat is that they simply do not know the cause of this phenomenon of nature!
    But this is something they obviously do not want to admit, and therefore we are at a standstill, and some new measures from the edge does not come before next generation!
    However, it’s just that it may be too late to wait for next generation!
    The natural occurrence of uranium accounts for only 2 per cent of the earth’s crust, and only 0.7% of these few grams uranium is suitable to demerge!
    Will it make a difference something so it must be a merger, and it is an impossibility here on earth, but with a little help from uranium 135 can succeed in making a nuclear bomb with the words of a fission bomb that spark rate!
    Meanwhile the more and more of Mother Earth up in smoke, and more and more arable land becomes desert and asphalt, while the population of the Tellus increases more and more!
    But we know that we have enough energy, we can populate the many planets in the solar system, but the Earth can not give us the energy we need, therefore, we must put our trust in the universe!
    Otherwise, I’d like to tell that now is the eksperimterings set finished and it consists of 8 poles each of which is filled with fluid, and now it must be administered drugs that allows it to conduct current, and when that is done, then must supply electrolysis different fabrics, and everything is arranged so that for each type and amount of drug administered, broken battery power has a small bulb to light, and it is just as exciting every time power is lost, for if it is true that I claim that matter is only a converter of energy originating from the cosmos, so the light will remain on even after the power is gone!
    This is no more strange than we can store programs on the PC a spring, and they continue the more to be there, even after we turned off the power!
    Thus, we can not save energy, but putting together the matter so that we can be it with a type of energy, which changes little matter internal system and then will matter, if it gets an opportunity, to restore its original system, and it is us themselves who have decided this system, and therefore rid itself with what we have fed it to return to the starting point!
    When the PC is turned off, it’s like a regular battery, for the change in the system be fixed by the energy from the cosmos!
    So storage is system change, such as the power of the universe maintains an iron grip!
    If we think of it is the same as occurs in iron, which is a permanent magnet, or referred to a battery that could become a permanent power plant!
    I had so wanted to add a little when it comes to the demerger, for I can not get it to vote as science claims as the reason for the emergence of a spin!
    They say that the neutron is sent into a kernel to share it in (as far as I remember) three smaller units that together have become a little lighter than the original kernel, and that the difference be emitted when the radiation!
    I believe more in both the proton and neutron are both affected by a force, but they react differently, both will get rid of this power that affect them!
    Proton do it by surrounding himself with an electric field (positive charge), and it consists of two up-quarks and a down quark!
    Neutron, however, has only one up-quark and two down quark, and to get rid of the cargo, it must make a down quark to an
    up-quark, and when it becomes a proton, and the chance to be charged just like a proton, but I have learned (correct) that up-quarks is easier than the down quark, and thus there will be something left over, and there is radiation or fission?
    It is too easy to just say that things are being charged, there must be a reason that something is charging, and in a lightning storm is said that ice crystals charged and there is an excitement, but something must be like charging up the atmosphere, and voltage is nothing but matter urge to get back into normal conditions, something that happens quickly as a short circuit, or as we so well know, as lightning!
    Otherwise I think it’s strange that absolutely no one will assist me in this attempt, for it requires painful accuracy of both substance and quantity!
    Especially strange is that when it is focused so much on both climate and energy, and these days we see the damage of oil and all oil spill that brings with it!


  36. starman says:

    @ Harold Brobakken. You spoke of a universal power source, and it just happens I have written an article on that subject in the recent past. Here is the link:


  37. Harald Brobakken says:

    I am also one who became interested in astronomy when I was only 7 years and saw all the stars and especially the northern lights! Interest has been all my life and I’ve always believed that there is more than empty space between the stars!
    And I was right when science one day figured out that it looked like a power got galaxies to move away from each other, contrary to gravity!
    They called this power of “dark energy”, for they knew not what it was! Since it appeared things that science did not understand, but if I’m right in my theory, many puzzles to be solved!
    So read this and think it may be true!
    First I must apologize that I will not charge your time with this message, but like you I am afraid of everything oil leak which unfortunately happens all too frequently around the world!
    I believe that if anyone thinks they have an idea that could be a contribution to a better world, then it is not so wrong to share the idea with others, even if it sounds and is seen as fantasy, but I unable to get from me the idea that all energy we know, originally from the universe and that matter is only Provider of all energy!
    If we only think I can be in to something new so you will find solutions to many of our problems!
    Why would I want someone in the United States offered some time to think about what I provide here, for we are all in the same boat and have only one planet!
    Has long been in doubt whether I should send this mail, but when you are passionate about something as stuff you can not not to try to get someone into new thoughts, especially when it comes to things that I know all people is also passionate about, namely renewable energy!
    What I hope is that some think for a moment on the importance of what I am here only suggest as a solution to both climate and energy crisis!
    Scientists will probably reject such a thought, but they have been wrong before, it tells the story of us!
    Therefore, the only means to get it confirmed or disproved is to experiment, and when it can be done and identified as a treasure hunt, and when children can engage in his room, so I think it’s worth a try!
    But two things will have to give way, and it is digging into the earth and the religion, but no one will miss it when it can lead to a better world for all people!
    The adults merely say that it’s the way it is and that they have learned and settled down with, while the children are very curious and want to know why is it so, and that is what we should encourage them to thinking, and when it can be combined with a treasure hunt, it will increase the interest and the school day will be both interesting and exciting!
    So to say to all children:
    JOIN THE Treasure HUNTING!
    I must admit that I find it surprising and completely incomprehensible that science has not yet been made on the idea that all known energy from the universe!
    Matter is just an intermediary or a converter of energy it gets from there, and it reacts the same on this power, as it does with sunlight!
    Some absorbed (dark matter?), And the rest twitter it with, or reflect, for example. electricity, magnetism, gravity, etc.
    It is quite analogous to the Sun’s influence on the matter!
    When it shines on the matter, absorbs the matter somewhat, and some is reflected, depending on the composition of matter, and look!
    And we know that when it shines on a particular element (silicon) produce electricity, because the element already been charged, and therefore it is the way it is and will be no change in its internal system!
    But the light off stops the production of electricity, because now the power is gone, do not need the element to emit anything, but keeps its internal system intact, and it remains so it must be to be just that element!
    But note the similarity in another element?
    Iron is magnetic when we give it a dose of electricity!
    Here the stream the same mission as the light, but this element has a different structure, and therefore it is magnetic it emits!
    But that’s just the same here if power is lost, is also the magnetism is gone, and the iron remains iron and it will say that the system will be restored!
    But then comes the most important:
    If we let the iron get a small dose of carbon, and repeat the experiment, it is not magnetism gone, even when power is gone!
    Magnetism is permanent!
    And the question is whether we could have done the same in a solar cell?
    And that is precisely what we are trying to achieve with electric power!
    And it’s just that the kids can frolic in!
    First, we must let it go a little electricity in an electrolysis, and then add a drug, and then take away the power and see if we get electricity in electrolysis that we took away the power source !
    His drawback is that we do not know which substance electrolysis needed to keep the stream, and we know the quantity of the substance, we must add!
    Therefore require painful accuracy, and it is important that it is listed what kind of drug is added and how much you add!
    But when it comes to the proportion of carbon in iron, it is customizable amount of 0.1% carbon!
    But this is where everyone can participate in the search for the greatest treasure ever existed!
    In particular, this treasure hunt suitable for children, for if anyone finds it they will get rich and very famous!
    To eksperimtere this is so easy and cheap, that the child down for 10 years of age can participate, children have a lot of the adults has little, namely, imagination, and when the treasure is so enormous that in this case, it will stimulate children to have greater interest in the important subjects like math, science and especially about the universe!
    We know that children have used their imagination to create the most amazing things, and when we let them go on a treasure hunt, so I think they will go in with body and soul, and who knows, maybe they find the treasure?
    So back to the matter useful features!
    The universe has given the matter this property, therefore, comes all the energy we know, originally from the cosmos, and fortunately for us, the matter capable of transforming it into what we want!
    Matter in itself is not energy, but it is by absorbing some of the energy it receives from the universe (dark matter?) And it can not be the only one who doubts that it creates what I call stable objects, and the power that hold matter together, I have called the matter internal system, and it must be pretty heavy artillery to destroy or change this system!
    I imagine that this universal power comes from an invisible «source of power or an invisible sun», which always stands in Zenit on every place on earth, only with the difference that this «Sun» never go down, and there is nothing that can stop that power the entire time completely shower upon all matter contained in the universe!
    On the way, all matter, «charged with energy» and why it is such as Albert Einsten has described in his equation,
    «E=mc²», which no one doubts any longer, but what is surprising me is that science will not admit that the power of matter comes from a power source, even though they know with certainty that energy can not occur themselves, but come from another form of energy, and it is strange that they categorically deny that the matter gets its power from a different type of energy!
    And so I’m fairly certain that the universe is the power source of the matter, although preliminary studies do not agree with it!
    It is quite confusing when science maintains that it indeed exists a force in the universe that pushes distant galaxies apart with accelererend speed, and in the same breath exclude an interaction of matter, and it must mean that they believe that removing galaxies can not be the same type matter as it is in our galaxy?
    Therefore there was no alternative but to begin to experiment yourself (as described before) and is now well under way, but it’s going to take time, and therefore I have vainly tried to convince anyone, so that more could have the same goal, namely to get all the energy we need from the universe!
    And I wish that school was started with some of the most exciting children can imagine, and it is just to go on a treasure hunt, and especially when it comes to something as important as the climate!
    It is almost unbelievable that such a thought has occurred to a single one, even though it would give us an explanation of many unsolved mysteries, and give us a better climate!
    What happens for items. in a battery, is exactly what I have mentioned here!
    The chemical reaction in the battery is nothing but matters way to get back to their internal system and get back to its original condition!
    That matter reacts differently when it is transferred to energy, is something we can be happy, because we can always control what we get out!
    Did not matter had this property, we would not be able to save anything, either on a computer or TV!
    Therefore, I am totally convinced that future batteries even going to be added to a substance that prevents the matter to return to his original condition, and when the battery will never be exhausted!
    In other words:
    A battery can even become a permanent power plant!
    It sounds unbelievable, but so simple you can solve both energy and environmental problem!
    This is a good substitute for religion, the universe does not differentiate, and heaven and hell does not exist in the universe!
    We can, for example. heat up the entire solar system, and where there is water we can also obtain oxygen, and we do not have to depend on only one planet!
    It’s ok that one is skeptical, but if you a little while thinking about it, you will be surprised how easy many problems to be solved, and incredibly enough, you will discover that the Sun is no longer the main source of energy, but will instead be degraded to only be a good help to the nearest planets, but the power of the universe is just as strong on Saturn as on Earth, so there you will be less dependent on the Sun, but totally dependent on the universal power!
    But it is possible that it gets bigger and bigger, and the power of the spread gradually over a larger area and therefore weaken gradually, but right now is the right size for us and therefore we exist?
    This is what I try to convince people, but it looks as if they consider us who believe in the universe more or less wrong, when we no longer believe in an Almighty, and more likely God, so there was no way around I realized then that it had stronger lye before any renounced him they had heard of since they were small, and became interested in a better and more earthly world!
    Please think about what this would mean for us humans!
    An example of a problem that can be resolved if this is correct!
    Thurs exactly like events must follow the laws of nature have the same cause, and those who deny it, deny the facts!
    Event 1
    We know well why it is so hot in the Earth’s outer atmosphere, where it is almost 2000 degrees C!
    Cause: The sun’s influence on Earth!
    Thus, a power that comes from outside!
    Event 2
    Nobody knows what’s hot in the sun’s outer atmosphere where it is several million degrees C!
    The reason this must be the same!
    So there must also be a force coming from outside!
    These are facts, and wonder much that scientists do not think that it’s the same thing happens on the sun!
    That’s the way we can learn something!
    If it’s something we do not understand and do not understand why it happened, but know of an analogous case where we know the cause, it had then been logical to think that the reason was the same in both cases?
    And therefore it is logical to think that the cause of this heat in the solar atmosphere from outside!
    Is not this a good enough proof?
    As far as I remember it’s plasma in the outskirts of the sun, and it is not impossible that plasma is a substance that reflects just heat radiation?
    If we can only imagine the insides of a PC spread over the table, we see only the components and their mutual connection with each other, and the conditions for us to see them is that it is light, meaning that they are affected by a power outside! (Light)
    The light reflects it, or we can say it rid of this power for not that something in this system should be changed, because if it had happened, the whole PC stop working!
    So we imagine that we add a tag, and just like the light, the signal is also a power that comes from outside, and the signal is also reflected, but our eyes are not adapted to the signal frequencies, so we have to turn them into light that comes on the screen, and when the signal is our visible!
    If the light is gone, it’s all on the table invisible, and if we in the same way, stops to add tags are also screen dark, and it is because all matter has the ability to maintain its internal system that will be so we built it!
    But with a single press we can get our signal is saved and that is a power outside the signal keeps our firm, and that means that the road back to the regular system is blocked or obstructed, but once we turn your PC on, the road back open again, and we can easily find our signal, even though it’s been several years since we signed it!
    And it’s as if the light had never been away, because then we would always see what we have on the table!
    It is exactly the same way we can eg. save magnetism in iron, because an unknown force maintains the magnetism, and all believe that in a normal battery is elektristiteten saved, but it is wrong, for it is the chemical reasjonen in the battery that changed the battery’s internal system, and it is only when matter given the opportunity to do so, as it attempts to return to their original system by getting rid of the power that the chemical reaction causes, making it by emitters electricity!
    Storage battery is the same as storing data, a force from outside the system holds firmly, but with even road is opened, turns the matter back to the original system, and fortunately for us emits matter of battery power!
    And when the battery’s internal system is restored, the battery discharged!
    What we must try to achieve is to prevent the matter from returning, and when it will not cease to emit electrical power, and as I’ve said before:
    The battery is a permanent power plant!
    The unknown power, In other words, maintaining also the electrical current in the same way that it maintains the signal in our PC, or maintaining magnetism, or maintains radioactivity ETC.
    And this is where the treasure is hidden!
    The power keeps Thus the modified system is stuck in an iron grip, and because of the barrier have the matter no way to get rid of excess energy and, therefore, the matter is exposed to a constant pressure from the universe, and this pressure must be matter free themselves from, and it does so by emissjon of different types of energy!
    If we are able to preserve and safeguard our integrity, it is imperative to find a stable and secure energy that does not pollute our planet!
    It is only here the possibilities are, but how should you manage to convince the right people?
    If this is correct so you do not need to spend many billions on cleaning of CO2, but rather focus on clean energy from the universe, and thus save humanity from extinction!
    Here is something that is easy to get his explanation, if a universal influence is true!
    1. Radioactivity!
    2. Heat in the Earth’s interior!
    3. The heat of the sun’s outer atmosphere!
    4. Our senses strange properties!
    5. Useful properties of matter!
    6. Healing!
    7. Gravity!
    8. Free power!
    9. Free Fuel
    10.Trafikk in the air!
    11.Saltwater can be fresh and be piped to dry areas!
    Is not this even interesting!


  38. starman says:

    Thanks, I will definitely put this one on my list.

    My interest in astronomy was piqued at an early age. I used to project images of the sun from my telescope and measure them to mathematically determine the size of the sunspots. The average was 8000 miles, roughly the size of the earth.


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